• 30 May 2022
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New Number formats for Area and Length's "Show Total"

When displaying Area and Length Measurements totals, you can now select the following number formats:

Metric units Imperial units
mm inches
cm feet


⚠️This is a "Display Only" feature on the Plan.

Your selected number format will not reflect on the Measurement totals (under the Stage, in the Worksheet and the Legend)

📝 Number Format Only applies to Show Total Displays

Stage Totals, Worksheet Totals, Formula and Parts will always be measured / calculated in the Measurement default of Metres or Feet.

Number Formats chosen (e.g. mm or in) will be displayed in Show Totals on the Plan Editor and Plan Exports only.

To change the number format on new Measurements:

  1. Click +Area or +Length to add a new Measurement
  2. (If required) Check Show Totals under the Style settings
  3. Select the Number Format from dropdown
  4. Click Create

New Number formats for Area and Lengths

To change the number format on existing Measurements:

  1. Whilst in Select Mode, click on the Measurement on the Plan
    or Click the Area or Length Measurement under the Stage
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Style
  4. (If required) Check Show Totals
  5. Select from the Number Format dropdown.
  6. Click Save


New Number formats for the Ruler tool

The new number formats are also available with the Ruler tool.

The number format can be set before drawing the Ruler or when Editing an existing ruler on a Plan.

To change the number format on new Rulers

  1. Select the Ruler Tool
  2. Click Settings
  3. Select from the Number Format dropdown
  4. Draw Ruler as normal



When creating a new Measurement, the Description field is automatically selected by default instead of the "Part No".

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