Aligning Objects
  • 01 Jun 2023
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Aligning Objects

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Article Summary

Discussed in this article is how to align objects easily on Plans.

Smart Guides

Smart Guides allow a User to guide, space out and align Counts on Plans.

Place a Count then hold SHIFT to display the Smart Guides.

To enable all the time:

  1. Select Count from the Stage
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Smart Guides
  4. Move the Count horizontally or vertically
    When 2 Counts are placed in a line, a further blue dot will highlight the same spacing for the Count closest to the cursor
Navigation hints:
  • Rotate a Symbol: Hold ALT / Option and press R or E
  • Delete a Symbol: Hold CTRL / Command ⌘ then click Symbol to remove


Using Smart Guides with existing Counts on Plans

Currently, there is no ability to Edit an existing Count and use the Smart Guides. It is recommended to Delete the Count on the Plan and then replace to use Smart Guides.

Grid Tool with Smart Guides Enabled

Smart Guides can be used when the Grid Tool is enabled to:

  • Align all consecutive Counts, by automatically snapping to crosshairs of the Grid lines
  • Automatically snap to the centre of each line and centre space

Find out more about the Grid Tool here.


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