Arc Tool
  • 11 Jan 2022
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Arc Tool

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Article Summary

The Arc Tool is frequently used to draw circuitry, landscaping features or curved items.

📝 Arcs are Annotations only

Arcs drawn will not add Quantities to Measurements
To quantify and display the linear metres on a Plan, please use the Length Tool

Drawing Arcs

Automatic Arc's

By default, Automatic Arc’s are selected
If not, click Manual Arc’s, then click Automatic Arc's

  1. Click Arc Tool
  2. Click start point
    Groundplan automatically adds the Arc peak
  3. Click on the next point
  4. Repeat for additional points
  5. Double-click to finish
  6. Click Done
💡Enabling the Snap Tool

Enable the Snap to Objects Tool while drawing an Arc to Snap to a PDF element on the Plan easily
Eg. Walls or cupboards

D1 - Automatic Arc's

Manual Arc's

  1. Click Arc Tool
  2. Click Automatic Arc's, then click Manual Arc's
  3. Click start point
  4. Click to create the Arc peak
    This will create the Arc peak between these points
  5. Click the next point
  6. Repeat the click to create Arc peaks between points as required
  7. Double-click to finish
  8. Click Done

D1 - Manual Arc's

Editing Arcs

  1. Press ESC to enter Select mode
    Zoom in on the Arc to select
  2. Select the Arc on the Plan
    • To move: Click, hold and drag
      To move several items at once, use the Select Tool
    • To change the Arc shape: Click, hold and drag the blue circle / squares
  3. Click Actions to:
  4. Click Settings to edit the Arc style
    Change the Line Width, Line Colour, Line Style
  5. Click Save
    To Cancel the changes click Cancel
💡 To restore Deleted Arcs
  • Hold CTRL/Command ⌘ and press Z or
  • Click Undo before leaving the Plan

D3 - Editing Arc with color

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