• 10 May 2020
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Article Summary

How to sync your Outlook, Apple Calendar or Gmail calendar with your Groundplan important dates.

You Global Calendar will show you all of the important dates you have listed on all of your projects. This can be found on your home screen.


Subscribe to iCal

You can add this calendar to your Outlook, Apple or Gmail calendar by using the Subscribe button on the top right hand side of the screen.


Simply right click on the "Subscribe to Ical" Button and click "copy link address"


Then go to your Outlook or Gmail calendar and add a new calendar, then paste this link in.

For Outlook Calendar:

  1. Click the Add Calendar button on the left side;
  2. Click Subscribe from web ;
  3. Paste the link of your Groundplan calendar to the field;
  4. Give it a name;
  5. Choose a colour for the entries;
  6. Add an icon (optional);
  7. And click on the import button to save



For Google Calendar:

  1. Click the "+" sign across the Other Calendar group to add another calendar;
  2. Select From URL from the options listed;
  3. Paste the URL in the field, but replace the "webcals" with "https" for it to work;
  4. Once done, the calendar will be added to the list. Just click Settings to rename and adjust other settings as needed;




For iCal Calendar:

  1. On your iCal App, click New Calendar Subscription;
  2. Paste the URL in the field, but replace the "webcals" with "https" for it to work;



Now you can have all of your important dates on your main calendar.

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