Changing Password
  • 08 Nov 2020
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Changing Password

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Article summary

To update your password you will need to enter your current Groundplan password and then enter the new password.

Groundplan will only let you set a new password that meets all our requirements:


Password Requirements

1. A minimum of 8 characters in length

Your password needs to be a minimum length of 8 characters. These characters can include a mixture of capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers and symbols, e.g., Password123.

2. Have a minimum of one number or symbol

These number(s) or symbol(s) can appear anywhere in the password.
e.g., P4ssword123

3. Cannot contain your email address or name

If your username is [email protected], you would not be able to use the password: Support123. Passwords such as that can be easily guessed, so we discourage using familiar words for your password.

4. Recommended - not be a weak or compromised password

A weak or compromised means a password that has been previously exposed in known data breaches.

Groundplan will use to let you know if your new password fits into this category.


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