Choosing a Tradietech Product during take-off
  • 28 Aug 2020
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Choosing a Tradietech Product during take-off

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Article Summary

Once the Tradietech connection is complete, you can now use Products to count or measure on your plans.

  1. Open a Project;
  2. Click on the Plans tab;
  3. Select a plan by clicking on it;
  4. Add a Stage;
  5. Click to add a new Measurement.

GP QB Integration [v7x] Measurements

Once you have selected a measurement type you will need to choose whether you are counting/measuring a One-off item or a Tradietech Product

  1. Once-Off Item: You can create a once-off item in Groundplan if you don't have the item in your Tradietech Products' list that you wish to count/measure.
  2. Tradietech Product: This is where you can choose from your Products listed in Tradietech


Tradietech Product

  1. Click onto the Tradietech Products' tab;
  2. Search for the product by entering a few characters in the search bar;
  3. Click the correct item from the list shown;
  4. Select from the style options for this measurement;
  5. Click the Create button;
  6. Now start counting or measuring on your plan.

GP TRADIETECH Integration v8x - Choosing Tradietech Product

One-off Item

  1. Click onto the Once-off Item tab;
  2. Enter Part No (Optional);
  3. Enter a Description of the item name;
  4. Add Unit Cost;
  5. Adjust the Markup or Unit price;
  6. Select from the Style options for this measurement;
  7. Click the Create button;
  8. Once you have created the one-off item, start clicking to count/measure on your plan.

GP TRADIETECH Integration v8x - Adding One-Off Item

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