Configure the Xero Integration
  • 12 Sep 2023
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Configure the Xero Integration

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Article Summary

Only Users registered as Administrators can configure the Groundplan / Xero Integration.

Preparing to Connect Xero and Groundplan

  1. Sign into Xero
  2. Sign into Groundplan

Inital Setup

  1. Click My Account then click Setup
  2. Click Integrations
  3. Click Configure on the Xero tile


  1. Click Connect to Xero (A new tab will open)
    If you have not already signed in to Xero, you will be prompted to on this page
  2. (If required select an Organisation) then click Allow access
    The Integration is now configured


Multiple Organisations

The first company connected will be automatically listed as the Default Company. A maximum of 25 company files can be configured to your Groundplan Account.

  1. Click Add Company
  2. Select an Organisation
  3. Click the Allow access button and repeat steps as required
  4. To change the Default Company, select the checkbox next to the Company


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