Create Take-off Templates when Integrated with Simpro
  • 15 Sep 2023
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Create Take-off Templates when Integrated with Simpro

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Article Summary

Creating Take-off Templates is a time-saving option to populate Projects with frequently used Measurements. When integrated with Simpro, Measurements can be linked manually to Simpro Catalogue Items or Pre-Builds.

Creating Take-off Templates

The two most common approaches to creating Take-off Templates linked to Simpro are Copying from an existing Stage or Building a new Take-off Template.

1. Copying an Existing Stage to a Take-Off Template

If Measurement Parts are already linked to Simpro Catalogue or Pre-Builds, Take-Off Templates are created by Copying an existing Stage in a Project.

  1. From the Worksheet tab, click Stage Actions
  2. Click Copy to new Template


  1. Rename and click Copy Stage
  2. Click +Measurement to add additional Count, Length and Area Measurements
šŸ“Please note:

When creating Take-off Templates from an existing Stage, any Parts assigned with Cost Centers will transfer into the Template. If the Parts are set with the Project's Default Cost Center, the Parts will be saved with no designated Cost Centre, which will appear as "None".

2. Building a new Take-Off Template

  1. From the Groundplan home page, navigate to the Take-Off Templates tab
  2. Click +Take-Off Template


  1. Enter the Template Name and select the correct Simpro Company (required in Multi-company set up) and click Create
    If in a Multi-company set up - recommend adding a Take-off Template Label or signifying in the name which Company


  1. Click +Measurement and click to add Count, Length or Areas
  2. Select Measurement Part Type and complete remaining fields
    a. Using a Once-off Item, selecting Inventory Item will create a Catalogue item in Simpro. This item will appear on supplier quotes, purchase orders created from within a Job, and under the Stock required tab in jobs.


  1. Click Create
    If additional Parts and Labour are required, click Create & Add More Parts

Linking Take-off Measurements to Simpro Inventory

  1. From the home page, click Take-Off Templates and click Take-off Template name to amend
  2. Click Measurement name
  3. Click Part Actions and click Delete

simpro link part 1

  1. Click +Part
  2. Select Simpro Catalogue or Simpro Pre-Build
  3. Select Group and Subgroup if desired and begin the search by entering three letters
  4. Click to select the item
  5. Click Save and continue as required for all other Measurements in the Template

simpro link part 2

Assigning Cost Centers to Parts and Labour

A Default Cost Center can be set on each Project. The Default Cost Centre can be overridden by selecting a specific Cost Center for Part/s and/or Labour in a Take-off Template.

  1. Click the Take-off Template name
  2. Click the Simpro Tab
  3. If you are using a Multi-company setup, click to select the correct Multi-company build
  4. Click to select the items
  5. Click Set Cost Center to and select
    If the Cost Centre is set to "None", the Part or Labour Line will be assigned to the Default Project Cost Center once the Template is applied to a Project
  6. Repeat if required

Assigning simpro cost centre

Applying Multiple Take-off Templates to a Stage

When applying Take-off Templates to Projects, the Project will pick up the Cost Center from the first Take-off Template applied to the Stage.

For an item to be linked to multiple Cost Centres in the same Stage/section, it requires a unique ID.

  • For Simpro items, copying the Pre-Build/Catalogue Item in Simpro will create an identical item with a new (unique) ID.
  • The new Pre-Build/Catalogue Item must be linked to the Measurement where the different Cost Centre is required.
  • The Pre-Build/Catalogue Item can have identical details; however, it is recommended to use a separate subgroup, part number or description. This is to aid in quickly identifying the correct item when adding to Measurements.

If you require Multiple Cost Centers for the same Part or Labour in the same Stage, creating new Catalogue Items / Pre-Builds within Simpro is the most common workflow solution.

Take-off Templates and simPRO Multi-company

If your Simpro Account is a Multi-company, please see our Multi-company article for additional Take-off Template information.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I Edit or Rename the Measurement in Groundplan, will it automatically update my part in Simpro?

No. Renaming Measurements will not send the updated name to Simpro.

These names will only appear in Groundplan on the Stage, Worksheet, Quantities, Take-off Template and on the Legend.

When I update Simpro Catalogue Items or Pre-Builds, will these changes be reflected in my Template?

Only if you have updated the current Catalogue / Pre-Build, not when you create a new Catalogue / Pre-Build.

The Catalogue / Pre-Build item used in Groundplan connects to Simpro with a "Catalogue / Pre-Build ID".

If you have created a new Catalogue Item / Pre-Build in Simpro, e.g. created a new Pre-Build of the exact details and archived/deleted the first one, then you will have to replace the Pre-Build you used in your Take-off Template.

Can I update the Cost Centres assigned in my Parts before sending them to Simpro?

Yes. Cost Centres assigned to Parts inside the Take-off Template can be changed on the Simpro Tab in a Project before you push a Quote into Simpro.

Will the "Additional Parts" added to a Measurement be listed as a Pre-build in Simpro?

No. If you created additional Parts and Labour into Measurements, these additional items are sent through to Simpro as individual line items, and not as a Pre-Build (the same as adding a Take-off Template to a Cost Center within Simpro)

If I import all my Measurements using the CSV upload option with the same part numbers and descriptions, will they automatically link to my Simpro Items?


Measurements will need to be manually linked to Simpro Catalogue and Pre-Builds. Follow the GIF above for the steps.

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