Eraser Tool
  • 07 Jan 2022
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Eraser Tool

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Article Summary

The Eraser Tool Erases sections of the existing PDF Plan. It is often used to "tidy up" Plans before starting a design or take-off.


GP V8.39 - Eraser tool-BandA

Using the Eraser Tool

💡Moving around the Plan

While Erasing, hold SPACE to pan around the Plan

  1. Click Eraser Tool
  2. (optional) switch Mode
  • Region - Erase large areas eg. rooms or dimensions
    Click, hold and drag to Erase
  • Line - Erase finer details eg. roof lines
    Click, hold and drag to Erase
    Hold SHIFT to Erase a straight line
  1. (optional) Settings when in Line Mode
    Change Line Width
  2. Click Done

D2 - Using the Eraser tool.2022-01-07 12_20_32

Restoring Erased areas on the Plan

  1. Click Eraser Tool

  2. Method 1 - Restore individual Erased areas
    Hold CTRL / Command ⌘
    Black areas appear that have been Erased
    Click black Area to be restored

    Method 2 - Restore to original Plan
    Click Restore Original Plan
    The Plan is returned to display the original PDF

  3. Click Done

GP V8.39 - ERASER TOOL - Restoring Erased Areas

Video Tutorial

Watch the video tutorial here:

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