Eraser Tool
  • 17 Jul 2024
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Eraser Tool

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Article summary

The Eraser Tool erases sections of the existing PDF Plan. It is often used to "tidy up" Plans before starting a design or take-off.

💡Using an iPad or Tablet?



Using the Eraser Tool

The Settings modal remains open during Editing and requires a click to close once editing is complete.

  1. Click Eraser Tool
  2. Switch Mode by clicking Square
    • Freeform - irregular shapes
    • Square - square / rectangled shapes
    • Pen - line details eg. roof lines, adjusting the width of the line using Settings
      Hold SHIFT to Erase a straight line
  3. (optional) Click Settings to change colour of the erased section
    Using the eyedropper allows you to select the same colour that is being Erased
    *Click Restore Defaults if required
  4. Click Save

New Eraser Tool v3

Restoring Erased areas on the Plan

  1. Click Eraser Tool
  2. Restore individual or the whole Plan
    • Method 1 - Restore individual Erased areas
      Hold CTRL / Command ⌘
      Black areas appear that have been Erased
      Click black Area to be restored
    • Method 2 - Restore to original Plan
      Click Restore Original Plan
      The Plan is returned to display the original PDF
  3. Click Save

New eraser tool restore v1

Using an iPad or Tablet?

Click for alternate terminology.

Things to note when following the above steps:

  • Tap instead of click
  • Unless there is a keyboard attached to the device, there are no shortcut keys on an iPad or Tablet
  • Tap Done instead of pressing ESC

Restoring Erased areas

  • Unless there is a keyboard attached to the device, Method 2 is the best option to restore Erased areas.

Images within this article are taken from a desktop computer. Interface appearance on an iPad / Tablet devices may vary based on screen size, potentially hiding or shortening buttons to icons. For accuracy, consider using a stylus, Apple pencil or mouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have already started drawing the area to Erase but I forgot to choose my colour. Can this be fixed?

Yes, even when you are mid-drawing your Erased area:

  1. Click Settings


  1. Click Colour and select your Colour
    If required, use the eyedropper to select the exact colour from the Plan
  2. Continue on with the Erased area


Video Tutorial

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