Exporting your quantities into an AroFlo quote
  • 03 Nov 2023
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Exporting your quantities into an AroFlo quote

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Article Summary

How to export your bill of quantities from Groundplan into an AroFlo Quote

To export your bill of quantities into AroFlo, you'll need to go into the Groundplan project AroFlo page, prepare your quanties for export, export the AroFlo compatible CSV file, and then import that file into the AroFlo Quote via the "Bulk Import" AroFlo functionality.

Downloading your quantities

  1. Go to the Aroflo page of your Groundplan project;
    GP Aroflo - Preparting Qts_v7.19_the Aroflo Button

  2. Make sure that your quantites are prepared for exporting;

  3. Click the green Download CSV File button, above the first stage on the right hand side of the page;
    GP Aroflo - Exporting your quantities_v7.19_Download CSV button

Importing your quantities in AroFlo

Once you have download the Quantites CSV file:

  1. Open your quote in AroFlo;
  2. Select the correct quote type;
  3. Click the Bulk Import button;
  4. Select the CSV file exported from Groundplan and follow the prompts.
    GP Aroflo - Exporting your quantities_v7.19_Aroflo - bulk import-raw

You can follow the guide on the AroFlo site for more information on how to import data into a Quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

I use a MAC computer and the Exports goes into a Numbers document. Can I still get my Quantities to AroFlo?

Yes, although you will need to change the Export file from Numbers into a CSV.

When the Export opens into Numbers, Export it again as a CSV by:

  1. Click File
  2. Click Export to
  3. Select CSV


If any issues are found when Exporting or Importing file, please contact us at Help > Send us a Message

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