Grid Tool
  • 30 Mar 2023
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Grid Tool

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Article Summary

Enabling the Grid Tool places a Grid over a Plan to assist you in defining spaces or measurements, Eg. easements, spacing items.

Enable the Grid Tool

  1. From within a Plan click Scale Tab
  2. Set the Scale
  3. Enter Width and/or Height of the Grid
    The default unit of measure is metre (enter 1 or 1m)
    Other accepted units of measure are millimetres, centimetres, feet and inches
  4. Click Enable Grid
    Click Hide / Change Grid if required
💡 Grid is static

Use click, hold and drag / zoom options to align Plan against the Grid

Enable Grid V2

Grid Tool with Smart Guides Enabled

Smart Guides can be used when the Grid Tool is enabled. It assists to align consecutive Counts by automatically snapping to crosshairs of the Grid lines and the centre of each line and centre space.

To enable Smart Guides with the Grid:

  1. Enable the Grid Tool
  2. Click on a Count in the Stage
  3. Click Settings
  4. Click Smart Guides
  5. Click to place Symbols

Find out more about Smart Guides here.


Q: Can I stop the Grid from "moving" when I zoom in on my Plan?

A: No. The Grid Tool adjusts to match the Scale of the Plan when zooming. Zoom to the required level and then move the Plan to align with the Grid. Ideally, line one room up at a time.

💡 Lock Plan Panning

Press ALT (⌥ OPTION) + L to prevent the Plan from being moved with the mouse click and drag gesture. Unlock by using the same keys.

Q: Will the Grid be included when I export my Plan?

A: No. The Grid will not show on Exported Plan/s. This is an onscreen feature only.

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