Landscaping Formula
  • 11 Aug 2023
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Landscaping Formula

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Article Summary

Before reading this article, ensure you have read Measurement - Parts & Labour and Using Formula within Groundplan articles to aid in understanding the following Formula examples.

📝 The Formula values provided in this article are for example purposes only.

lentotal metres measured
areatotal square metres measured
len or area / xtotal length/area divided by an amount
len or area * xtotal length/area multiplied by an amount
+ count * xadd the number of individual runs drawn multiplied by an amount
ceil(x)rounding up a decimal value to the next whole number


Example Parts for a 1.8m high fencing Length Measurement:


Fence Rails 75mm x 38mm x 4800mmHow many 4.8m lengths of fence rail required to install 3 railsceil(len /4.8*3)lengths
Fence Pailings 100mm x 17mm x 1800mmHow many 100mm wide pailings required for the length measuredceil(len*0.1)each
Hardwood Posts 200mm x 200mm x 2400mmPosts required every 2.4m and allowing for an additional post at the beginning and end of each runceil(len/2.4+count*2)each
Concrete 20kg ready set bagBag required for each hardwood post(len/2.4)+count*2bags


Example Parts for a Sir Walter turf Area Measurement:


Sir Walter Turf (1 m2 is covered by approximately 1 roll)How many rolls are required for the areaceil(area)rolls
Top soilHow many m3 is required when the top soil is 200mm thick(area*0.2)m3


Example Parts for a 150mm thickness concrete Area Measurement:


Concrete 150mmHow much m3 of concrete is required for 150mm thicknessarea*0.15m3
FormworkHow many metres of formwork is required for the perimeter around the area measuredlenm
Steel mesh 4.56m x 1.97m (7.5m2 coverage)How many 7.5m2 coverage sheets are required for the area measuredceil(area/7.5)sheets
Bar chairs (pk500)How many chairs are required to support the steel mesh with 4 per m2 and come in a bag of 500ceil(area*4/500)bags

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