• 16 Nov 2023
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A Legend can be positioned on each Plan, and when Exporting Plans, a separate Legend page is also generated.

Adding a Legend to a Plan

The Legend Tool is located in two places, depending on the size of your computer screen: on the annotation bar or along the top section of the editor.


  1. Click the Legend Tool or click Toolbox and select Add/Edit Legend
  2. Click, hold and drag the Legend to the correct position
  3. (optional) Resize using the corner boxes
  4. (optional) click Settings to adjust the Text Size and Hide Totals
  5. Click Save
  • The Legend Quantities are updated every 3 seconds.
  • Only Measurements with Quantities greater than zero (0) will be displayed.
  • Only Measurements within the Stage are displayed and not Parts associated with the Measurement.


Edit / Remove the Legend

  1. Click the Legend Tool or click Toolbox and select Add/Edit Legend
  2. (optional) click Settings to adjust the Text Size and Show/Hide Totals
  3. Click Hide
    To remove the Legend from the Plan


Video Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose the Stages I want shown on the Legend?

Yes. Even if the Stage is displayed in the "on screen" Legend, the Stage/s can be selected or excluded upon Export.

  1. Click Export to PDF
  2. Select the Plan/s to be Exported
  3. Choose Only Include Selected Stages and select the Stage/s required
  4. Choose the PDF file generation option (Default) Create one PDF per Plan (better for digital use) or switch to Create one PDF per Group (better for printing)
  5. Click Generate Export



Can you Export Plans without specific Measurements / Symbols showing on the Legend?

You cannot choose specific Measurements to show on the Plan. There is no direct way to complete this; however, there is a quick solution.

You can Duplicate your Project and make changes to the Copy, leaving the original Project intact.

  1. Duplicate the Project
  2. Remove the items you don't want shown on the Plan
  3. Export as normal


Can you rearrange the order of the stages on the Legend?

Yes. The order of Stages is edited in the Project Tab.

  1. Click Project
  2. Click Stages
  3. Drag and drop the Stages to reorder
    Will be applied to all Stages, Worksheet, Quantities and Integration tabs
    Change will apply to "all" Plans within the Project

Re-arranging Stages

The Legend does not fit on the Plan. What can I do?

Click Settings to the Text Size to decrease the size of the contents.

My Symbol is only showing faintly on the Legend. How can I fix this?

This usually happens when a custom Symbol has been used with extra thin lines. To fix this, swap the Symbol for a Symbol that has thicker lines.



Can you change the size of the Symbols on the Legend?

No. You can only change the Text Size on the Legend.

If I add Formula into a Measurement, can I have the calculated Measurement appear on the Legend?

No, there is no direct way to complete this. However, there is a solution that can be used.

The Plan Total can be updated manually to reflect the Total with Formula applied, which will be displayed on the Legend. Unfortunately, the Unit of Measure will remain the same, either ea, m or m2.

  1. Count and measure as normal
  2. Click the Quantities Tab
  3. Locate the Measurement and the Total with Formula applied
  4. Return to the Plan
  5. Click the Plan Total
  6. Adjust the Value to that found on the Quantities Tab
  7. Click Adjust

⚠️ Adjusting Totals will lock the Value. Adding or removing Counts / Lengths or Areas after Adjusting the Plan or Project Totals will not be reflected in the Totals.

To ensure the Quantities are correct for the Project, complete the following:

  1. Click the Worksheet Tab
  2. Click to open the Measurement
  3. Click on the Formula
  4. Remove the additional Formula leaving count / len / area
  5. Click Save

This will ensure that the adjusted Value that has been added will not be added to existing Quantities with Formula applied to skew the Total quantity.

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