Measurements - Count
  • 16 Apr 2024
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Measurements - Count

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Article summary

The Count Tool allows Symbols to be placed on Plans and appear in the bill of materials on the Quantities Tab.

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Add a New Count Measurement

  1. Within a Stage click +Count


  1. Complete the required details
    Unit Cost, Markup Percentage and Unit Price are optional. If using costing, please ensure the Unit Price is populated

  2. Click Create
    If additional Parts and Labour are required, click Create & Add More Parts


Aligning Counts

Smart Guides allow a User to space out and align Counts on Plans with vertical and horizontal guides.

Place a Count on the Plan, then hold SHIFT will enable the Smart Guides or read further information about switching them on permanently here.


Using the Count Tool to begin counting

  1. On the Plan, click to place a Count
Navigation hints:
  • Click, hold and drag to pan around the Plan
  • Hold SHIFT to show Smart Guides
  • To Rotate: Hold ALT / Option and press R or E
  • To Delete a Symbol, Hold CTRL / Command ⌘, then click Symbol to remove

Using Count Tool V1

Labelling Counts

Groundplan allows a User to Label Counts with numbering, number sequences, prefixes and suffixes. To find out more about how to Label Counts, read here.


How to Edit existing Counts

The Settings modal remains open during Editing and requires a click to close once editing is complete.

  1. Press ESC, Zoom in and click the Count

  2. Click Settings to:

    • Edit the Style changing all Symbols associated with this Measurement
    • Edit the Symbol type
    • Adjust the Symbol Rotation
    • Add Parts and Labour
  3. Click Label Settings to add Labels


  1. Click Actions to:


  1. Click Measurement Actions to:
    • Hide this Measurement from the Plan
    • Select All of the Measurement
    • Rename
    • Adjust the Measurement Value
    • Add additional Parts and Labour
    • Erase All, removing all Counts from the Plan
    • Delete the Measurement from the whole Project Permanently


Adjusting Count Totals

⚠️ Adjusting Totals will lock the value

Adding or removing Counts after Adjusting the Plan or Project Totals will not be reflected in the Totals

  1. To Adjust Measurement Totals, click the Plan Total ( * ) or Project Total (^)
  2. Enter a new value in Number form (e.g. 3) or Formula form (e.g. 2*10)
  3. Click Save
📝 Please note
  • The asterisk (*) on the Count Value means that the Total is Adjusted
  • The hat (^) on the Measurement Total means that it contains a Count(s) that has been Adjusted

Adjusting Count Totals V1

4. To remove an Adjusted Total, click the Adjusted Total and clear the value
Please note: Entering 0 will give an Adjusted Total of 0

Adjust Count Totals

Supported References

Support References relate directly to elements on the Plan and can be used in conjunction with Excel-type Formula to calculate Parts and Labour. Each Formula must contain a Supported Reference/s to be accepted.



Multiplying the Count by a set number count*8 adding an additional eight items each time a Count is placed.
In the above case, an extra 8 metres for every Count in the Measurement.

The Formula follows the PMDAS Rule: Parentheses (brackets) first followed by multiplication, division, addition, then subtraction. Calculations are prioritised within the brackets. More detailed information about Formulas with examples are provided in our article Using Formulas in Groundplan.

Our Measurement Parts and Labour article explains this in more detail. Also, refer to our Industry Articles for examples of use in construction, electrical, landscaping, painting, plastering / insulation, plumbing and roofing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use the same item across the Project instead of creating a new one each time?

Selecting Link from Worksheet allows an existing Stage to be selected and used to create one Project Total for the Measurement.

To combine marked-up Stages, please use the Transfer Tool. This moves Measurement Totals from one Stage or one Measurement to another.

Can Groundplan automatically Count Symbols on Plans?


Count Assist Tool is Groundplan's very own assistant to help search and locate Symbols on Plans. For more information on Count Assist, click here.


Why you can’t double-click to place Counts in the same place?

Counts cannot be added in the exact location to stop accidental double Counts.

Some solutions are:

  1. Slightly move the mouse then click to add another Count
  2. Go to the Worksheet
  3. Click the Measurement
  4. Add Formula
    e.g. count*2 This Formula means that each click would add a quantity of 2 items to the Quantities tab
  5. Click Save

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