Negative Areas
  • 23 Jan 2022
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Negative Areas

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Negative Areas is a feature of the Area Tool used to generate a list of Negative Areas in a Measurement. Commonly used for windows or island bench removals.

Creating a Negative Area

  1. Click the Measurement
    Under the Stage
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Negative
  4. (optional) switch Drawing Mode,
    Groundplan remembers the last Mode used
    • Freeform: Click on the first point, then click on each subsequent point, double-click to finish
    • Square: Click on a corner of the Area, then click on the diagonal corner
  5. Click Done
💡The Negative Area total will show the Measurement Areas list

D2 - Creating Negative Area

Convert an existing Area Measurement to a Negative Area

  1. Press ESC to enter Select mode
    Zoom in on the Area to select
  2. Select an Area on the Plan
  3. Click Settings
  4. Click Negative
  5. Click Save

This Area will now become a Negative Area, subtracting from the Area Measurement Total.

D2 - Converting an existing area measurement to negative area

Negative Area vs Area Cut-Out

The Negative Area method will not remove the section of Area being subtracted from the Plan. It places another Area onto the Plan with a Negative Area Total.
To generate a list of Negative Areas in a Measurement, the Negative Area Tool is the optimal choice.

If the requirement is to remove the Area drawn from the Plan and also from the Area Total, please refer to the Area Cut-Out Tool Article.

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