Plan navigation
  • 15 Jul 2021
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Plan navigation

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Panning your plan

To move around the Plan: Click, Hold and Drag

📝 When using the Pen Tool and Eraser Tool hold SPACE on your keyboard to move around the Plan

To lock the Plan from moving, Hold ALT / ⌥ OPTION and press L. This is especially useful when you are using the grid tool and you don't want the plan to be moved with the mouse click, hold + drag gesture.

Toggle Fullscreen

To hide the top menus and edit the Plan in full screen, click the Toggle Fullscreen button on the Toolbar.


Toggle / Hide the left side bar (Stages)

To hide the left Sidebar (Stages, Scale, Details), click the Toggle Sidebar button.


Zooming in on your plan

To zoom, use your Mouse Scroll Wheel or alternatively, click the buttons illustrated below.


To navigate to the previous or next Plan: Click the navigational arrow
On smaller screen resolutions these will show on the left hand side of the page

Navigational arrow(2)

To navigate to any Plan:

1, Press F2 / fn + F2
2. Use the Search bar to narrow plan results
3 Click on the new Plan

D1 - navigate to another plan - v2

Return to Plan

To return to the last Plan from any page in the Project: Click on the Plan Name under Return to Plan

Return to plan(2)


Q: I am finding it hard to select items on the plan / I cannot select a marking to delete / Select mode is not working”

A: Have you tried Zooming in?
By zooming in it is easier to select Counts, Measurements and Markings on the Plan.

You can zoom using your mouse wheel or the Zoom buttons on the toolbar on the right-hand side of the screen.

Q: How can you maximize the drawing area on a plan?

A: We have the option to maximize the drawing area by clicking the toggle fullscreen and toggle sidebar buttons on the right-hand side toolbar.

Many of our users, use the below workflow:

  1. Click Toggle Fullscreen when you load the Plan;
  2. Select or create the Measurement;
  3. Click Toggle Sidebar, then start measuring;
  4. When you're done, click the Toggle Sidebar button again and repeat.

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