Plan Revisions
  • 17 Mar 2021
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Plan Revisions

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When a plan revision is recieved, update measurement totals without needing to fully re-measure the new revision.

Revising a plan

  1. Open the project;
  2. Click onto the Plans tab;
  3. Click onto the Add a Group button and name the group accordingly e.g., "Revision D";
  4. Click the blue Save button;
  5. Drag & drop or use the Upload plans button to upload the revisions into the new group.
    (Optional) Copy the plan revision
  6. Locate the plan to be revised, hover over the plan and click the Revise button;
  7. Locate plan revision - Click to select the plan;
  8. If required, click the Rotate Revision button, to align the plans;
  9. When the plans are aligned, click the blue Revise Plan button;
    The original plan is now replaced with the new revision, and the revision is removed from the plan list.
  10. Click to open the newly revised plan to compare revisions, add or remove counts & measurements, move measurements & annotations.

GP V8.39 - Revising Plans

Showing Erased areas

Erased areas using the Eraser Tool will remain absent from the plan after revising.

To clear all "erased areas" and restore the plan to it's original form:

  1. Click on the Eraser tool button
  2. Click the Restore Original Plan button.
📝 Please note:

You will need to "re-erase" every required area using this option.

Restore only specific erased areas:

  1. Click on the Eraser tool button;
  2. Hold the CTRL Key (⌘ on a Mac) and click on the area you want to restore.

The Undo and Redo buttons can help restore specific areas, but only if you haven't navigated out of the current plan you're working on.

Restoring to previous revision

In cases where an incorrect plan has been uploaded or revised, or to roll back to previous revisions, you can Restore to a previous revision.

  1. Open your project;
  2. Click onto the Plans tab;
  3. Locate the plan, hover over the plan and click the Revise button;
  4. Select the radio button next to Restore a prior revisions;
  5. Click to select the revision you wish to restore;
  6. Click the blue Revise Plan button.



⚠️As noted in the Revising a plan section,

We strongly advise that the new revision files have the same dimensions as the "Current" plan.

Plan Revision - resolution sample

A new resolution or file dimension will not align with the scale you have set, and it will most likely put the measurements and marking off the intended places.

Symbols sizes cannot be automatically adjust, even if you use the Select tool to move the measurement and markings, these will still not fit the new plan.

GP V8.39 - Revising Plans - Warning

Super User Series: Taking Off Plans

Plan revisions is one of the topics covered in our recent Super User Series. You can jump to 21:13 to check out this feature.


Q: "We're unable to automatically fix the orientation for this revision." - What does it mean to have this warning?


A: If you get this message, this means that either the "current" or "revision" plans were uploaded with the first version of our plan importer, so it is it not able to use our "Rotation" tool.

In this case, click Revise Plan then go into the plan Details tab and rotate the plan until it lines-up with the measurements.


Q: How can I skip to the exact Plan Group where I uploaded my revision file?

A: Clicking on the arrow to the right of the group name, will close the group for less scrolling when locating the plan revision.

Q: How can I preserve a copy of the revision file in the Plans page?

A: Before you proceed with the revision, hover over the newly uploaded revision plan and click the Copy button, then click the Copy plan button.

All files that you upload in Groundplan are automatically saved in your Attachments file, in the Project Overview Page. In case you have already revised your plan, you can simply download the original file from this page and re-upload it in Groundplan.

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