Project Overview
  • 15 Dec 2020
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Project Overview

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The Project Overview Tab is where you can see, add, and modify all the basic details that you need for the project. On this tab, you can add project information, important dates, and to-do lists, pre-list and arrange your stages, share access to the project, add attachments and monitor the project's exports and activities.

Project information

The Project Information is composed of the primary data you need for your projects like the project name, client name, status, labels, the user owning the project, and the date the project was created in Groundplan.

Customers with an integration enabled

Please note: This is Groundplan information and will not be pushed into the Quote created in your integrated system.

To add or edit your project information:

  1. Either click the EDIT option on Project Details; or
  2. Click directly on the details or the pen icon to open the text box.
  3. Click the Save Changes button to finish;

GP Project Overview [v7x] Edit Info

The project details you can add or edit are:

  1. Name of the project - this will show in your project lists;
  2. Description of project or scope of works;
  3. Client - who the project is for;
  4. Project Statuses are progress labels that can help you manage your project. They can be used visually and as filters on the main projects page. e.g., the status of Ready for review lets you know the estimator has completed the take-off, and it is ready to be reviewed.
  5. Project Labels are commonly set up as the type of work done, type, or means of categorising your project. You can use these as visual guides and as filters on the main projects page.
  6. Project Owner: You must be an Administrator of the account to change the project owner. To change this data, click on the project owner's name, and click on the new owner on the drop-down menu. Click the Save Changes button.

GP Project Overview v8x - Project Information(1)

Important dates

You can add important dates for this project, e.g., tender due, supplier quote due, predicted start date.

  1. Click the Add button on Important Dates;
  2. Add a description;
  3. Select a date using the date selector;
  4. Select a time using the time selector;
  5. Click the Save button.
  6. Repeat as required.

GP Project Overview [v7x] Add Impt Date

These dates will show in your Groundplan Calendar and will also sync with your calendars (Google, Outlook, iCalendar) if you set it up to sync with them.

Setting To-do’s

To-do's help you to keep track of your project's progression by quickly defining due dates, set dates on when to send the material lists to a supplier, or when a project has been checked, with the ability to assign tasks to users you've shared into your project.

The default is the "To-do" list where you can add your tasks.

You can add more To-do lists by clicking the green +To-do List button on your page's right side.
GP Project Overview v8x - Adding To-do List

To add tasks to your to-do lists:

  1. Click the Add new task button;
  2. Add a task description;
  3. Click the Add button;
  4. Click the Assign task button (Optional);
  5. Select the regular assignee for this task from the dropdown list (Optional);
  6. Click the Save button.

Repeat for all tasks required on this project.

Edit, Rearrange and Delete tasks on a project

  1. Edit the Task details: You can either click onto the task name to edit the task name, add or edit the start date, due date, or task assignee, or click on each field to enter their values. You can also click the menu button across the task name and select the Edit option to open the pop-up box and enter the details. Click the Save button to save your entries.
  2. Rearrange tasks' sequence: Using the drag handles () to rearrange the tasks within a task list and move tasks between task lists.
  3. Delete Tasks: To delete individual tasks, click the menu button across each task name that you want to delete and select the Delete option.

Edit Tasks

  1. Clear task lists: Click onto the menu button next to the task list name, then click on the Clear Tasks option to remove all the tasks from the list.


To delete the entire task list, click onto the menu button next to the task list name, then click on the Delete option to completely delete the tasks and the To-do list.

To complete a task, just click the checkbox on the right of the Task description and it will be crossed out.

  1. Re-arrange To-do lists: Use the directional arrows on the top-right of the To-do Lists to change the order of the To-do lists.


The default To-do list will always appear at the top of the list.

It is only subsequent To-do lists that can be re-arranged.

Setting up Stages & Measurements

You can build your worksheet and pre-define the stages and the measurements within those stages. To do this:

  1. Click the Stages tab;
  2. Click Add new stages…;
  3. Type the Stage name;
  4. Click the Add button;
  5. Click the Stage Actions button (to add a description and/or measurements);
  6. Click the Edit option;
  7. Add a stage description;
  8. Select an existing Take-off template ;
  9. Click the Save button.

Repeat for all required stages.

When you're ready to work on your plan and add a stage, you can select the Link to Worksheet option and choose the stages you added here beforehand and add it to your plan.

Sharing your Project

You can check out our dedicated article for Sharing your Project here, where we provided a detailed guide, tips, and notes sharing projects.

By default, the user who created the project or the project "owner" is the only user who can see and edit it. However, Groundplan lets you share the projects you own to other users within and outside your account for real-time collaboration.

Sharing your projects gives the other users full editing rights.

Before proceeding to share any of your projects, you must consider that the users you give access to it will be able to edit and even delete measurements, stages, and plans.

To share your project:

  1. Click the Sharing tab;
    • The list of users on your account will show on the right side under the Click to share section.
    • Click the users with whom you want to share the project with to move their names under the Who Has Access () section;
  2. For users outside your organization/account:
    • Enter their email address and press the enter key on your keyboard. They must be active users in their organisation for their names to be listed under the Invite People list.
    • Once they come up on the list, click on their name, and they will also have access to the project.
Please note:

Sharing projects with users outside of your organisation/account is not available to customers trialing Groundplan

GP Sharing a Project_v7.25_SharingwithExternalusers copy

Automatically share your new projects with other users

If you need to collaborate with other users regularly, you can create a Project Template and set up the Sharing settings on it and use it on your next projects.


The Attachments page in your Project Overview is where you can find all the files that you uploaded. These include the plan files, images, logos, etc.

Adding Attachments to your Project

  1. You can upload your attachments to the Attachments page; or
  2. You can also drop your files on the Plans page;
  3. Click the Review button;
  4. Then select the Save as attachment option;
  5. And then, click the Upload button.

GP Project Overview v8x - Adding Attachments

This list is especially helpful when you want to download the original plan versions, especially after revision, as the original file gets replaced by the newly revised plan.

The attachments available in this part of the system only stay in Groundplan and do not get copied over as attachments to your quantities export or quotes in your integrated systems.


The Exports page is where you will find a log of the plan exports or downloads made in that particular project. From here, you can download earlier versions of your take-off and plans, and you can use them as references for revisions.

This export list will include your exported quantities (CSV) that you've downloaded from the Quantities tab.

Activity Log

The Activity Log is a list of actions made on your project, noting the user who made the change and the activity's date and time.

The log only records the main actions made on your projects, such as:

  • The creation of the project, noting if it was created using a Project Template or as a blank project;
  • Changing the Project Status;
  • Adding important dates;
  • Transferring the ownership of the project to another user;
  • Sharing the project with another user/s;
  • Adding Plan Groups;
  • Uploading plans and/or attachments;
  • Setting the scale of the plan;
  • Creating a stage;
  • Adding a stage to a plan;
  • Renaming a stage;
  • Adding a Take-off Template to a plan;
  • Creating a measurement under a Stage;
  • Creating a section in a plan;
  • Renaming Plans;
  • Marking plans as "complete";
  • Creating a new plan by snipping an existing plan;
  • Copying a plan;
  • Removing or Deleting a plan;
  • Revising a plan;
  • Exporting of plans;
The log does not take note of every measurement that you make.

So if ever you come to notice a "Connection Warning" on the upper right side of your screen while doing your take-off, we recommend that you refresh the page and wait for your connection to be stable before you continue with your work. You can try one of the actions listed above to test if Groundplan logs your changes to ensure that you're properly connected to our server and that your measurements are going to be saved.

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