Project Statuses
  • 11 Mar 2024
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Project Statuses

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For effective workflow progression, Project Statuses and Archive Reasons allow Users to quickly identify where a Project is in the flow cycle.

Creating / Editing Statuses and Archive Reasons

Only Administrators can create and edit Statuses, but all Users can use them.

  1. Click My Account then click Setup
  2. Click Project Statuses
  3. Click and type in the new Status or Edit an existing
  4. Select a preset colour or choose new from the colour wheel (optional save colour)
  5. (optional) Drag and drop to reorder


Assigning Statuses

Statuses can be assigned when creating a New Project or from the My Projects page.

When creating a New Project:

  1. Click Show more details
  2. Click Status and select (optional to select Project Labels)
  3. Click Save

From My Projects page, Statuses can be assigned for individual or bulk Projects:

  1. Click check box for Project/s
  2. Click Change Status
  3. Select the Status


Filter by Status and Labels

Projects Statuses can be Filtered, allowing Users to locate Projects with ease.


If a Status or Label is Deleted, any Project using the Status or Label will still display the removed Status or Label, however, you will be unable to Filter by it.

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