Quantities Tab
  • 20 Feb 2023
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Quantities Tab

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The Quantities tab displays your bill of materials for a Project after a Formula has been applied. Export Options to extract all Project Quantities from Groundplan are discussed in this article.

Options for Exporting Quantities to CSV

  1. Click Export
  2. Click Export as CSV


  1. Select an Export format
Grouped by Column Length & Area Breakdowns are shown in Column Stage Multipliers are shown in
Grouped by Stage Stage > Part / Labour Notes Notes on Length & Area Breakdowns
Grouped by Plan then Stage Plan > Stage > Part / Labour Notes Multiplier
Grouped by Measurement Stage > Measurement > Part / Labour Description Description on Length & Area Breakdowns
Formatted (original) Visually similar to Quantites Tab Notes Notes on Length & Area Breakdowns

Unit Cost, Unit Markup, Unit Price, Total Cost, Total Margin and Total Price values are shown on all Export options


  1. Click Download Export

Viewing Parts / Labour and Length / Area Breakdowns

Parts and Labour Totals are grouped by Stage/s. Formulas are included in these figures.

To show individual Length and/or Areas and Grouped Parts / Labour breakdowns, lock the breakdown to display on Export.

  1. Click + on the Part / Labour line with breakdown
  2. Click + next to Measurement name and click the Padlock


  1. Click Export and select Export as CSV
  2. Choose Export format
    View the breakdown in the Notes Column or for Group by Measurement, the breakdown will appear in the Description Column
  3. Click Download Export then open


Video Tutorial

Watch our Super User Series, Worksheets and Quantities for a deep dive into the Worksheet and Quantities.


Q: Why are the numbers different on the Quantities and Worksheet tabs?

A: The Worksheet shows all Measurement and the measured Totals from Plans. The Quantities tab shows all Parts and Labour Totals after any Formula has been applied.

Q: I have added additional Parts and Labour into Measurements but they are not grouping together on the Quantities tab. How can I fix this?

A: You need to ensure the Part Number, Description, UOM, capitals, spacing and spelling are identical at the time of creation.


The example below shows a space between the 5mm in one image and not in the other. This causes the items to not Group on the Quantities tab. When creating a new Once-Off item, the fields need to be identical or the items won't Group.
quantities-grouping error.png

To fix a non-Grouped item:

  1. Enter the Measurement
  2. Create a new Part or Labour ensuring all sections above are identical and matching from the other Measurement.
  3. Delete the original part that did not group.
  4. Check the items have Grouped on the Quantities tab.

For further information please refer to our specific section on How to fix Parts/Labour Groupings.

Q: I downloaded the .CSV file however all the data is in one column rather than being formatted as in the preview.

A: This is due to settings within Excel.
To make the document appear correctly please follow these steps:

  1. In Excel, go to the Data tab
  2. Click Text to Columns once the file is open in Excel


Q: Can you customise columns in the CSV download?

A: No. There are four Export options for download. Once downloaded, you can edit the columns in your particular program according to your needs.

Q: Can you select certain Stages to be exported to CSV rather than the whole project?

A: No. You would need to edit the CSV file once exported from Groundplan.

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