Ruler Tool
  • 08 Apr 2022
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Ruler Tool

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Article Summary

The Ruler Tool is a quick, easy way to measure a distance on a Plan and display the measured length.

📝 Rulers are Annotations only

Rulers drawn will not add Quantities to Measurements
To quantify and display the linear measurements on the Plan, please use the Length Tool

Drawing Rulers

  1. Check the Plan Scale has been set
    To show the Ruler length, the Plan Scale needs to be set
  2. Click Ruler Tool
  3. Click and release to begin Ruler
    Move the cursor out to draw the Ruler
    Hold SHIFT to draw a straight line and lock the angle to 15º increments
  4. Click and release to complete the Ruler
    The length displayed can be in Metric (mm, cm, m) or Imperial (in, ft) formats
  5. Repeat for any additional Rulers
  6. Click Done
💡Enabling the Snap Tool

Enable the Snap to Objects Tool while drawing a Ruler to Snap to a PDF element of the Plan easily
Eg. Walls or island benches

D2 - Drawing Rulers

Editing Rulers

  1. Press ESC to enter Select mode
    Zoom in on the Ruler to select
  2. Select the Ruler on the Plan
    • To move: Click, hold and drag
      To move several items at once, use the Select Tool
    • To resize Ruler: Click, hold and drag the blue square boxes
      Hold SHIFT to draw a straight line and lock the angle to 15º increments
  3. Click Actions to:
  4. Click Settings to edit the Ruler style
    Change the Line Colour, Line Width, Opacity %, Text Colour, Text Size and Number Format
    Number Formats include Metric (mm, cm, m) and Imperial (in, ft)
  5. Click Save
    To Cancel the changes click Cancel
💡 To restore Deleted Rulers
  • Hold CTRL/Command ⌘ and press Z or
  • Click Undo before leaving the Plan

D4 - Editing Rulers

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