Setting Plan Scale
  • 11 Mar 2024
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Setting Plan Scale

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Article Summary

Learn about how to set the Scale for Plans within Projects. For precise Length and Area Quantities, it is essential to set Scales on each Plan.

📝 Groundplan supports the metric and imperial systems. Please message us at Help > Send us a Message to request a change for the Account.

Accounts cannot be switched between imperial and metric within Projects; the Account can only be set to one measurement system.

Setting the Plan Scale

  1. From within a Project, click the Scale Tab
  2. Use the dropdown menu or type in the Scale
  3. Paper size is auto-detected but can be changed using the dropdown menu
  4. Click Set Scale


Measuring the Scale

If there is no Scale mentioned on the Plan, use the Measure Scale option to Scale the Plan off a recorded dimension. Groundplan automatically defaults to metres for metric or feet for imperial.

  1. Click Measure Scale
  2. Zoom in and click on the first point, then click on the second point
    Hold SHIFT to create a straight line between the two points
  3. Enter the length value, including unit of measure
    Default is m for metric and ft for imperial so add other units of measure e.g. 2000mm or 2m
  4. Click Set Scale


Multiple Scaled Areas

If a Plan contains more than one Scale, Groundplan allows multiple Sections with different Scales to be set.

  1. Click +Section
  2. Click to start, move the mouse to the opposite side and click to complete the Section
  3. Click Save
  4. Type the Label name e.g. section AA, east, north and the Scale of the Section
  5. Click Save


Edit or Delete your Sections

  1. Click Section Actions
  2. (if required) click Edit
    To Resize, Rename, or set a different Scale
  3. (if required) click Delete


Video Tutorial

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