Square Tool
  • 23 Jan 2022
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Square Tool

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Article Summary

The Square Tool is an Annotation Tool. Squares drawn will not add Quantities to Measurements. To quantify the linear metres or square metres on the Plan, please use the Length and / or Area Tools.

Drawing Squares

  1. Click Shapes Tools
  2. Click Square Tool
  3. Click and release on one corner to start
    Move the cursor to the diagonal corner
    Hold SHIFT to draw a proportioned Square
  4. Click and release to complete the Square
  5. Repeat for additional Squares
  6. Click Done

D1 - Drawing Squares

Editing Squares

  1. Press ESC to enter Select mode
    Zoom in on the Square to select
  2. Select the Square on the Plan
    • To move: Click, hold and drag
      To move several items at once, use the Select Tool
    • To resize Squares: Click, hold and drag the blue square boxes
      Hold SHIFT to draw a proportioned Square
    • To rotate: Click, hold and drag the blue dot rotation handle
      Hold SHIFT to lock the rotation to 45º angles
  3. Click Actions to:
  4. Click Settings to edit the Square style
    Change the Line Colour, Line Opacity %, Line Width, Line Style, Fill Colour, Fill Opacity %, Corner Rounding
  5. Click Save
    To Cancel the changes click Cancel
💡 To restore a Deleted Square
  • Hold CTRL/Command ⌘ and press Z or
  • Click Undo before leaving the Plan

D3 - Editing Squares

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