Take-off Template Labels
  • 11 May 2020
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Take-off Template Labels

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Article Summary

Setting up Takeoff Labels to categorise your take-off templates

Take-off Labels will allow you to classify your takeoff templates for easy identification and filtering. You can create custom labels to name the different sections of your templates or organise however it may suit you.

Creating Take-Off Template Labels

  1. First, go to the Setup page, by clicking on My Account then Setup.
  2. Click Take Off Labels on the left side menu.
  3. Click the +New Label to create your label.


Enter the name of your label, and select from the drop-down list of our available colour and then hit Add.


You can also arrange the order of the labels by clicking the up and down arrow or just click the "Organise" button on the upper-left side of the list to automatically arrange them in alphabetical order.

Filter your Take-Off Templates by Labels

With your take-off labels all set and assigned you can use them to filter your templates in the Take-off Templates page for searching and editing, as well as when applying a Take-Off template to a "Stage".



📝 Note: When you select multiple labels in a filter, Groundplan will only display items that contain ALL the labels selected. Also, if you delete a label from this list, any templates using that label will still display the removed label, but you will be unable to filter by that particular label.

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