Take-off Templates
  • 26 Mar 2024
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Take-off Templates

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A Take-off Template is a saved group of Measurements to apply to new or existing Stages. They contain pre-saved Symbols, Style options and can include Parts / Pricing / Labour and Formula. Multiple Templates can be added to a single Stage.

Quoting with a Software Integration?

Please view articles for setting up Take-off Templates in:

simPRO, AroFlo, Xero, Ascora, Intuit QuickBooks (Online), Tradietech and Sparky.

Creating a Take-off Template from an Existing Stage

  1. From the Worksheet tab, click Stage Actions
  2. Click Copy to new Template


  1. Rename and click Copy Stage
  2. Click +Measurement to add additional Count, Length and Area Measurements

📝Additional Items and Additional Labour added to Stages will not be saved in the Take-off Template.

Building a New Take-off Template

Take-off Templates can be a combination of Count, Length and Area Measurements. Each Measurement can have additional Parts, Labour, Formula and Pricing.

  1. From the Home page, click the Take-Off Templates tab
  2. Click +Take-Off Template


  1. Enter the Template Name and click Create
  2. Click +Measurement, select Measurement type


  1. Complete the required details and click Create
    If additional Parts and Labour are required, click Create & Add More Parts


Importing Take-off Templates

Along with creating Take-off Templates from existing Projects, you can also Import Measurements from a CSV File. After Importing, additional Parts and Labour can be manually added to a Measurement.
Maximum limit of 199 Measurements per Take-off Template.

Importing Take-off Templates will not automatically link Measurement or Parts to items within an Integrated System even when the Part Number, Description, UOM and Price in the CSV File match an Integrated System.

Please consult the relevant Integrated software articles to create linked Templates: simPRO, AroFlo, Xero, Intuit QuickBooks (Online), Tradietech and Ascora to find out how to link Measurements.

How to Import a Template

Groundplan provides two importing options. A simple Import or an Import option which includes Labour assigned to Measurements.

  1. Within a Template, click Take-Off Actions
    Either a Newly Created Template or an Existing Template

  2. Click Get Sample CSV or Get Sample CSV with Labour


  1. Save CSV File
    Excel, Google Sheets, Numbers

  2. Complete the CVS File required fields

Information entered must follow the exact format of the CSV example.

FieldsSample CSVSample CSV with Labour
Part NoOptionalOptional
Unit of Measure (ea, m, ft, sqm, sqft)**RequiredRequired
Unit CostOptionalOptional
Markup (as %)OptionalOptional
Labour DescriptionN/ARecommended #
Labour Unit CostN/AOptional
Labour Markup (as %)N/AOptional
Labour Multiplier in Hours***N/ARecommended #

** Unit of Measure: Count - ea, Length - m / ft, Area - sqm/sqft
A blank or using a Unit of Measure not listed above will be Imported by default as a Count.

# Recommended: Labour Description and Labour Multiplier in Hours are recommended. Measurements using this option can have no Labour Description / Multiplier and still successfully Import into a Take-Off Template.

*** Labour Multiplier in Hours: To be entered as a decimal eg. 15 minutes = 0.25, 20 minutes = 0.33
Multiple Labour lines with the same Description will populate the Unit and Cost Price identical to the first Labour Line with that Description.

  1. Save CSV File
  2. On Groundplan, click Template Name
  3. Click Template Actions and click Import from CSV
    Select File then Click Open All Measurements will be assigned a random Style
  4. To Edit the Measurement Style or add additional Parts and Labour, click Measurement Name

Applying a Take-off Template to a New Stage

  1. From within a Plan, click +Add Stage
  2. Enter Stage Name and click Apply Take-off Template
  3. Click Take-off Template name, review and de-select Measurements not required
  4. Click Create
    Add additional Count, Length and Area Measurements if required

Applying TakeOff Templates to New Stages

Applying a Take-off Template to an Existing Stage

  1. From within a Plan, click Stage Actions and click Apply Template


  1. Click Take-off Template name
  2. Review and/or de-select Measurements not required
  3. Click Apply Template


Frequently Asked Questions

I used a Take-off Template in a Stage and added some extra items. Will those items be automatically added to the Take-off Template I used?

No. Items will not be automatically added to a Template.

Templates and Projects are independent of each other. Any changes that you make will not affect the saved Template.

To save changes, create a New Template
  1. Click Stage Actions
  2. Click Copy to new Template and enter the new Template name
  3. Click Copy Stage
    Recommended: Delete the previous Take-off Template to avoid confusion

Why can't I edit a Take-off Template?

Another user or an Administrator has created the Take-off Template. A Standard User is unable to edit the Templates of an Administrator or those created by other Users.

Take-off Templates can only be Edited by the Template creator or an Administrator.

When applying a Take-off Template, I don’t see the option Filter by Name and Filter by Label?

The Filter by Name and Filter by Label options appear when there are ten or more Take-off Templates saved in the Account.

Can you change the order Take-off Templates appear in?

A1: Yes. Within the Take-off Template tab, Templates can be sorted by Name A-Z / Z-A and Creation Date newest first / oldest first.


A2: Take-off Template Labels can be used to Filter Templates.
Labels can be used on the Take-off Template when there are more than ten and when applying a Take-off Template to a Stage.

A3: Numbers can be added to the beginning of the Take-off Template names to create a custom order.
Spacing when adding numbers also affects the custom order.

Adding Numbers to Take-Off Template Name

Can I bulk update pricing within my Take-off Template?

No. There is no bulk update for pricing or margins across Take-off Templates.

Updating Pricing, Margins, and Parts must be completed on a per-Template basis. While in the Take-off Template, manually click into each Measurement and Edit the price. All Grouped parts will be updated.

Alternatively, please contact the Support Team at Help > Send us a Message for further assistance or if your Take-off Templates are linked to Integration items.

Why will my Import not upload back into Groundplan?

A1: There could be several reasons. Please check that the Columns and Unit of Measures are in the correct format.

A2: Are you a Mac User? If you are using Apple Numbers Program, please Export to a CSV File to Upload into your Template.

After completing your spreadsheet:

  1. Click File
  2. Click Export to
  3. Select CSV


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