Take-off Templates
  • 15 Dec 2021
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Take-off Templates

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What are Take-off templates?

Take-off templates are a way of saving a group of items that you regularly use when measuring/designing plans.

Creating and using Take-off templates saves you from manually choosing a new count, length, or area each time and allowing you to keep the same symbols for each measurement.

Setting up a new Take-off Template

  1. Click on the Take-Off templates menu option;
  2. Click the green + Take-Off Template button;
  3. Type in the name of your template;
  4. Click the Create button.

GP Take-off Templates [v7x] Setting up a new take-off Template

Building your Take-off Template

Take-off templates can be a mixture of Counts, Lengths, and Area measurements, with a maximum limit of 199 measurements per template.

Each measurement can have additional parts and labour within them.

  1. Add a Take-off label (optional);
  2. Click the green + Measurement button;
  3. Click the correct measurement type;
  4. Fill in the measurement information;
  5. Select the measurement style;
  6. Either, click the Create button to finish the measurement;
  7. Or, click the Create and add more parts button to add additional parts & labour within the measurement;
  8. Repeat for all required measurements in the template.

GP Take-off Templates [v7x] Building your Take-off Template

Creating a Take-off Template from an existing Stage

  1. Click onto the Worksheet tab;
  2. Jump to the correct stage (if applicable);
  3. Along the line of the stage name, click the Actions menu button;
  4. Click the Copy to new template option;
  5. Name the new template;
  6. Click the Copy stage button;
  7. Select the Take-off template label;
  8. Add additional counts, lengths, and areas as required.

GP Take-Off Template [v7x] Saving Take-Off Templates from Worksheet

Please note:

Only the measurements will be saved in the Take-off Template. The additional Items and Labour that you've added to your stage will not be included in your new Take-off template.

Using Take-Off Templates within a Project

When you add a Take-off Template to your stage, we will always give you the option to choose which items you would like to import from the list. To deselect any items un-tick the checkbox next to the measurement name.

GP Take-off Templates [v7x] Apply Template to Stage

Applying a Take-off template to a new stage

  1. Open a project;
  2. Click the Plans tab;
  3. Click to open the desired plan;
  4. Click the Add Stage button;
  5. Type the stage name;
  6. Type the stage description (optional);
  7. Under the Apply template heading, select the option Apply Take-off template;
  8. Click to select the Take-off template;
  9. Untick any measurements not required for this stage;
  10. Click the Create button.

The new stage will be added to your project, and your template items will be ready to start counting & measuring.

If you require additional measurements on this stage, you can create these using the +Count, +Length, and +Area buttons.

GP Take-off Templates [v7x] Image 2

Applying a Take-off template to an existing stage

You can apply multiple Take-off templates to a Stage. The below steps can be taken within a plan or from the Worksheet tab.

  1. Locate the stage within the plan or on the worksheet tab;
  2. Click the Actions menu button;
  3. Click the Apply template option;
  4. Select the take-off template to add to the stage;
  5. Untick the measurements not required on this stage;
  6. Click the Apply Template button.

D - Applying a Takeoff template to existing stage

Deleting any measurements on a stage

⚠️ Caution: This action is not reversible.

Deleting a measurement from a stage will remove the measurement and all counts on all plans within the project.
  1. Click the measurement actions button next to the name of the measurement;
  2. Click the Delete option;
  3. Click the Delete Measurement confirmation button.

GP V8.39 - Deleting any measurements on a stage

Setting-up and using Take-off Templates with your Integrations

Here are the linked for each detailed guide on how you can set up and use your Take-off Templates with your Integrated Softwares like simPRO, AroFlo, QuickBooks Online and, etc.:


Q: I used a Take-off template in a stage and added some items in that stage. Will those items be automatically added to the Take-off template I used?

A: No. You can save the stage as a new Take-off template by using the Copy to new Template option, and then you can delete the old template to avoid confusion.

Q: When applying a Take-off template, I don’t see the option Filter by Name and Filter by Label?

A1: The Filter by Name and Filter by Label options will appear if you have more than ten Take-off templates saved in your account.

Q: Can you change the order that Takee-off Templates appear?

A1: Yes. You can sort by Name A-Z, Name Z-A, Creation Date Newest first, or Creation date Oldest first.

Sort Take-off templates

A2: You can add numbers to the beginning of the template names to create a custom order. However, please be careful with spacing when adding numbers as these count in the custom order.

GP Takeoff Template [v7x] Renamin with numbers

A3: You can use Take-off Template Labels so you can filter templates and only see what you need. You can do this both in the Take-off Template screen and when applying a take-off to a project when you have more than10 Take-off templates.

Q: Why can't I edit a Take-off template?

A: Because you are a standard user and that take-off template you're trying to edit was added by an account administrator.

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