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  • 28 Mar 2023
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Text Tool

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Article Summary

The Text Tool enables Text to be written or pasted on Plans or As-builts. It is often used in combination Cloud and Arrow Tools to highlight or direct Text to a Plan.


Text Snippets

Text Snippets are saved words or portions of Text to be used individually or by stacking multiple Snippets together. Text can be edited once in the modal to add additional Text and/or punctuation.

How to Create Text Snippets

  1. Click Text Tool
  2. Type in the required Text
  3. Choose Style options
  4. Click Save as Text Snippet for frequently used Text
  5. Click Create

📝 Styling options are not currently saved with a Text Snippet


How to re-use Text Snippets

  1. Click Text Snippets
  2. Begin typing into the search bar
  3. Locate and click the correct Snippet to populate into the modal
    Click additional Snippets and edit if required
  4. Click Create

Using Text Snippets

Pasting Text

  1. Copy the Text from another document
  2. On the Plan, press ESC
  3. Hold Ctrl / Command ⌘ and press V
  4. Click, hold and drag to the desired position
  5. Click Save

Editing Text

  1. Press ESC then select the Text on the Plan
  2. Click Settings to
    • Change Size or Colour
    • Click Style to Edit Text and/or add additional Text Snippets
    • Click Style and click Text Snippets to Edit a Snippet.
  3. Click Actions to:
  4. Click Save
    To Cancel the changes click Cancel

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