Title Blocks
  • 20 Sep 2023
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Title Blocks

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Article Summary

Title Blocks are used to add logos, business details and other information specific to a Project. They are fully customisable and often used in combination with the Eraser and Legend Tools. Live updates to Text and Style are displayed on-screen.

Block Types

Block Types allow the User to control the appearance of Images, Text and Table settings within a Title Block.


Block TypeBenefit
titleblock-image-choice.pngImageFor adding images. Accepted file types are jpeg, bitmap, png or gif. Resizing will occur automatically.
e.g. Company logo and/or organisation logos like NECA, Master Builder, Master Plumbers, Master Electricians, images of business
titleblock-textbox-choice.pngText BoxFor free text
e.g. Business contact details, terms & conditions, design specifications
titleblock-table-choice.pngTableAdd labels that pre-populate into a table to complete for the Project.
Reorder labels with click hold and drag.
e.g. Customer names, address, builder/architect, designed by, revision number and date

Create a New Title Block

  1. From the Details tab click Setup Title Block


  1. Click +New Title Block


  1. Click to select the first Block Type and complete the required details and/or upload
  2. Click +Add Block until all required information is entered into the Title Block


  1. If required, change Title Block orientation or click Styles to adjust Formatting Options, then click Back
    Changes are in real-time
  2. (Recommended) To Save as a Template, click the Star, enter a Nickname, then click Save
  3. Click Save to accept the Title Block on the Plan


Adding a Title Block V2

Add/Edit an Existing Title Block

  1. From the Details tab click Update Title Block


2. Click Title Block name to add/edit


  1. Identify the section/s and Edit / Remove
    Live updates are provided in Sections highlighted blue
  2. If required add additional Block Element/s and complete the required details and/or upload


  1. If required, click Options to change Style Options, Reorder or Remove the Title Block and then click Back
  2. Click Save to accept the Title Block on the Plan

Using a Title Block on multiple Plans in a Project

If a Title Block is already applied to a Plan in the Project, use the same Title Block across multiple Plans, including any pre-populated information.

  1. Navigate to the correct Plan
  2. Click Details tab
  3. Click Setup Title Block
  4. Under Title Blocks in this Project, click the Plan name to copy the Title block
    A blue Plan name denotes there is a Title Block present


  1. Make any changes required
  2. If required, click Options to change Style Options, Reorder or Remove the Title Block and click Back
  3. Click Save to accept the Title Block on the Plan

Formatting Options

Adjust the Formatting Options and click Save to retain the changes.


EdgeOrientation and selecting the Edge of the Plan to display the Title Block
HeightAdjust the Height of the Title Block
Border MarginChoose the margin of the border around the Plan
Block PaddingControl the amount of space around Images and Text

Explanation: Adjust the Height of the Title Block so there is no overlap.



If an Error message is received, return to the Block Element number and adjust to suit (Text size must be modified in the example below). Click Save to update.


For further assistance with Errors or setting up Title Blocks, please contact the Support team at Help > Send us a Message.

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