Upgrade or Downgrade licences
  • 08 Feb 2022
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Upgrade or Downgrade licences

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Licences translate to how many users can access Groundplan at the same time. You can dial up and down licences in Groundplan based on your needs.

To manage the number of your licences by going to My Account > Setup > Users.

D1 - Upgrade or Downgrade Licence

📝Note: You will need to have full admin access inside Groundplan to adjust licences.

Upgrade your Licences

Upgrade your licence/s by clicking the [+] button and then click the + Add 1 licence button.


Remember that increasing your user licences will increase your subscription cost. To confirm your actions, click the Add 1 licence button.

📝Note: If you are on a yearly plan, the licences added will also be yearly licences (charged Pro-rata).

D1 - Upgrade your Licences

Downgrade your Licences

To downgrade, click the [-] button and click the - Remove 1 licence button. The number of your licences will automatically be updated.


Unable to upgrade/downgrade licences?

If the options above are not be available on your interface, (like the screenshot below), please email us at accounts@groundplan.com to request any licence changes.


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