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To access the Users page:

  1. Click the My Account button;
  2. Click Setup; and
  3. Click on Users on the left-side menu.

GP Users

Users vs. Licenses

"Users" are individual accounts that can to log in to and use your Groundplan account.

Giving each of your users a separate user account or user profile will enable you to monitor who made changes on the projects, and you can control what other users can access by specifying their user account type.

You are allowed to have an unlimited number of users,

The number of users who can log in simultaneously depends on how many licences you have.

For example, you can have three users in Groundplan but only have two licenses; only two of your users can log in and use Groundplan simultaneously. The other needs to wait for one of those two to log out or take a licence from an offline user.


User Types

Users in Groundplan can be set to either an Administrator or a Standard user. Each user needs to have separate logins or user accounts to set their user types specifically and for limits to be exercised.


The person who created the Groundplan account is usually the Administrator. He or She can then add other users and specify their user types.

Administrators of an account have full access to the Setup, and this includes:

  1. Managing Project Statuses;
  2. Managing Project Labels;
  3. Managing Take-Off Labels;
  4. Adding or Deactivating Users;
  5. Specifying user types for each user;
  6. Access the Account Activity list;
  7. Managing Billing details;
  8. Cancelling the subscription;
  9. Managing Integrations;
  10. Change the project owner;

Standard Users

In terms of creating projects and doing take-offs, standard users have the same access as the administrator.

The only limitations to a standard user include:

  1. Full access to the setup (including users, labels, billing, and integration);
  2. Changing the project owner;
  3. Editing, renaming, or deleting the Project Templates created by the Administrator;
  4. Editing, renaming, or deleting the Take-Off Templates created by the Administrator;

Setting up New Users

You must be an Administrator of your Groundplan account to be able to invite your teammates to Groundplan.

To start, go to the Users page in your Setup, and do the following:

  1. Click the green +User button under the users' table;
  2. Enter the new user's name;
  3. Enter a valid email address;
You cannot use the same email address on multiple accounts in Groundplan.

A user's email address is his/her unique User ID across Groundplan

If an email address is already used in another account, you will not be able to use it. However, if you wish to use the same email address, you can send us a message so we can assist you in transferring your user account to a new Grounplan account.

  1. Checking the Administrator checkbox will set the new user as another Administrator to the account, and leaving it unchecked will only have him as a Standard user.
  2. Click Submit.

GP Users - Setting up a New User

A registration link will be sent to the new user. Once the user clicks the registration link and fills in the password, they will be "Active", and they'll be able to log in and use Groundplan.

Your new user will not see and access existing projects in your account.

Cancel or Resend the Invitation

You can also cancel or resend the invitation if needed by clicking the User Action button and selecting either of the actions mentioned.

Deactivating Users

  1. Across the username of the person you want to deactivate, click the User Action button, and click Deactivate;
  2. Before you can deactivate the user, you must select the user to whom you wish to transfer ownership of all the Projects and Templates; and
  3. Click the Deactivate button to confirm your action.

Reactivate a user

To display and reactivate inactive users, click Options on the upper-right side of the list and select the Deactivated Users filter.

Across the username of the person you want to reactivate, click the User Action buttons, and click Reactivate;

GP Users - Deactivating a User

Account Activity

The Account Activity page lists the users' notable activities in your Groundplan account with the date and time for when it was done.

You will find this by going to the Users page and clicking the Account Activity link on the bottom-right side of the list of users in your Groundplan account.


These activities include:

  1. Inviting new users;
  2. Activating or registering the new user accounts;
  3. Deactivating of users;
  4. Transference of projects and templates from the deactivated user to a new owner;
  5. Upgrading of licences (see the bottom line in the image below);
  6. Cancelling of Subscription.

GP Users - Account Activity copy

This list is a useful reference when you have billing questions, significantly when you change your number of licenses between billing periods.

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