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Article summary

This article explains User Types and how to set up New Users and Deactivate Users.

Users vs. Licenses

Groundplan allows an unlimited amount of Administrator or Standard Users in an Account. Users have individual email addresses and passwords to log in and use a Groundplan Account. Licences relate to the number of Users able to login to Groundplan simultaneously.

Creating separate User logins for those using a Grounplan Account allows an Administrator to monitor who made changes within Projects, control access and editing rights for Standard Users including removing the ability to access Billing within Groundplan.


User Types

Users in Groundplan can be either an Administrator or a Standard User. Each User needs to have separate User Accounts (email account and password) if specific access is to be restricted.

Sharing User Accounts also gives the same access rights

E.g. An administrator letting a colleague use their log in details to Groundplan gives full access to the whole system.

Actions / AccessAdministratorStandard User
Create and Edit ProjectsYesYes
Delete MeasurementsYesYes
Delete StagesYesYes
Exporting Plans and CSV filesYesYes
Sharing other Users into the ProjectYesYes
Edit, rename, or delete Project TemplatesYesOnly when created by Standard User
Edit, rename, or delete Take-Off TemplatesYesOnly when created by Standard User
Manage Project StatusesYes-
Manage Project LabelsYes-
Manage Take-Off LabelsYes-
Adding and/or Deactivating Users
Specifying User Types for each User
Increase or Decrease LicencesYes-
Access the Account Activity listYes-
Manage Billing detailsYes-
Cancel the SubscriptionYes-
Manage IntegrationsYes-
Change the Project OwnershipYes-

Setting up New Users

Only Administrators can invite and set up other Users in the Groundplan Account.

  1. Click My Account then click Setup
  2. Click Users
  3. Click +User


  1. Enter the new User's name
  2. Enter a valid email address
    The same email address cannot be used on multiple Accounts
  3. If required click Administrator box, leaving unchecked will create a Standard User
  4. Click Submit


A registration link will be emailed to the New User. Once the User clicks the registration link and creates a password, they will become "Active" and can log in and use the Groundplan Account, provided there is a free Licence.


New Users will have a Blank Project screen upon entering Groundplan. Use Groundplan's Bulk Sharing feature to share any or all Existing Projects the New User needs to view. Consider setting up a Project Template to Share future Projects Automatically.

If an email address is already used in another Account or has been used under a Trial Account, it cannot be added. If you wish to use the same email address, click Help > Send a Message so we can assist in Transferring the email address to an Existing Groundplan Account.

Cancel or Re-send the Invitation

Cancel or Re-send the invitation if needed by clicking the User Actions.

Deactivating Users

When Users leave an Organisation, it is common to Deactivate their email and password within the Groundplan Account.

  1. Click User Action and click Deactivate
    The Administrator must select a User to Transfer ownership of all Projects and Templates assigned
  2. Click Deactivate to confirm


Account Activity

The Account Activity page lists the notable activities in the Groundplan Account.


Activities listed can include:

users-account-activity 2.png

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have three Users but only one Licence?


You can have as many Users as you like. Having one Licence means only one User can use Groundplan at a time. The other two Users need to wait for the person using the Licence to log out or Take a Licence from an offline User by clicking the button in the image below.


A New User has been added but cannot find their email. Why would this be?

Things to check:
1. Have the User check their email junk/spam folder
2. Check the email address is correct
3. Cancel, then re-send the invite again
4. Go to Help > Send us a Message for assistance

When setting up a new user Password, I am not getting the option to put in the actual Password, it keeps just going straight into Groundplan. How can I resolve this?

You must Log Out of Groundplan completely first.

Click My Account > Log Out

Once logged out, head back to the Registration Link in your email and click that to set up a Password for the new User.

Can I have more than one Administrator on the Account?

Absolutely. There are no restrictions regarding the amount of Adminstrators allowed on an account. Ensure you understand what an Administrator has access to by clicking here.

Can I change the a User from Standard to Administrator or from Administrator to Standard User?


To change the Type of User for a Profile:

  1. Click My Account
  2. Click Users
  3. Click Actions at the end of the User's name then select Profile
  1. Tick/Untick the Administrator box on the next screen
    Untick if the User is to return to a Standard Access, or tick to increase to an Administrator
  2. Click Submit

That will give the User immediate access as an Administrator or remove access to Administrator areas if moving to a Standard User.

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