Using Inventory Supply and Kits on Plans
  • 12 Sep 2023
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Using Inventory Supply and Kits on Plans

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Article Summary

Once Integrated, begin using Ascora Inventory Supplies and Kits to Count and Measure Lengths or Areas on Plans.

Measurement Choices

Once-off Item: Use this option if the item doesn't exist in Ascora Inventory (becomes a Write In Item)
Inventory Supply: Choose individual items from Ascora Inventory Supply
Inventory Kit: Select groups of Supplies, known as Kits in Ascora

  1. Within a Stage, click +Count, +Length or +Area
  2. Select a Measurement Part Type


  1. Complete the remaining fields
Groundplan Once-Off ItemInventory SupplyInventory Kit
GroupN/AOptional to selectOptional to select
Inventory Supply or Kit SearchN/AType 3 letters to beginType 3 letters to begin
Search ResultsN/AClick to Select resultClick to Select result
Part NoOptionalN/AN/A
Unit of MeasureRequiredN/AN/A
Unit CostOptionalN/AN/A
Markup %OptionalN/AN/A
Unit PriceOptionalN/AN/A
Style OptionsOptionalOptionalOptional
  1. Click Create
    If additional Parts and Labour are required, click Create & Add More Parts

More information on Once-off Items can be found in the following articles:

Adding Parts and Labour to a Measurement

When a Count, Length or Area is created on a Plan, additional Parts and Labour can be quantified at the same time. Parts can be added when the Measurement is made or afterwards. Understanding Groundplan's Supported References will assist in quantifying the required Parts and/or Labour for the Measurements.

Supporting References

Support References relate directly to elements on the Plan and can be used in conjunction with Excel-type Formula to calculate Parts and Labour for Once-off Items and Inventory Items and Kits. Each Formula must contain a Supported Reference/s to be accepted.

Formula follows the PMDAS Rule: Parentheses (brackets) first followed by multiplication, division, addition, then subtraction. Calculations are prioritised within the brackets.

For example:

How Length Support References correspond to a Plan:

More detailed information about Formulas with examples are provided in our article Using Formulas in Groundplan.

Adding Parts while Creating a Measurement

  1. Create Measurement and click Create & Add More Parts


  1. Click +Part, select Measurement Part Type and complete Formula if required
  2. (If required) Click Edit and rename Measurement
    Renaming the Measurement remains in Groundplan only



Explanation: The Measurement is counting a downlight on the Plan but quantifying rough-in and fit-off Inventory Kits to push to a Quote at the same time.

Adding Labour on Creation

⚠️ Labour Lines

Labour added within Groundplan will be sent to Ascora as an Inventory Supply Item and will not pick up Labour costs in Ascora.

Further information about converting Minutes to Decimals for Labour can be found here.

  1. Create Measurement and click Create & Add More Parts


  1. Click +Labour
  2. Complete Description
    (Optional fields - Unit of Measure, Unit Cost, Markup %, Unit Price, Formula and Minute to Decimal Labour Conversion chart.)
  3. Click Save
    This example shows 1mtr of 25mm Conduit is installed every 10 minutes (len*0.17)


Additional Items and Labour

On the Worksheet tab, Additional Items and Labour can be added to individual Stages. These are usually items not populated on the Plan but needed within the Quote. Examples include but are not limited to sundries, travel or equipment hire, and extra contractor hire.

Additional Items
Additional Items can include Groundplan Once-off Items, Ascora Inventory Supply or Kits.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create Ascora Kits within Groundplan?

No. Having multiple Inventory Supply Items as Parts will not create a Kit in Ascora. They will push to Ascora as single Inventory Supply Items.

Kits must be built in Ascora.

I have used the same Ascora Kit under multiple Groundplan Measurements, why can I only see it once in my Ascora Quote?

They have Grouped together. The same Inventory Supply and/or Kit appearing under multiple Measurements in the same Stage will Group together on the Ascora tab and when pushing to a Quote.

For example: Using a commercial downlight kit (including cable and labour allowance) under two Measurements in the same Stage will Group together:


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