Using Simpro Items on Plans
  • 15 Sep 2023
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Using Simpro Items on Plans

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Article Summary

Once Integrated, begin using Simpro products to Count, measure Lengths and/or Areas on Plans.

Measurement Choices

Once-off Item: Use this item option if it doesn't exist in the Simpro Account.
Once off Item and selecting (a) Inventory Item: will create a Catalogue Item in Simpro. This item will appear on supplier quotes, purchase orders created from within a Job, and under the Stock required tab in jobs.
Simpro Catalogue Item: Choose individual Products from the Simpro Catalogue
Simpro Pre-Build: Select groups of Products and associated Labour, known as Pre-Builds in Simpro.

  1. Within a Stage, click +Count, +Length or +Area
    The Stage becomes a Section in the Simpro Quote if pushed to a Project Quote
  2. Select a Measurement Part Type


  1. Complete the remaining fields
Groundplan Once-Off ItemSimpro Catalogue ItemSimpro Pre-Build
GroupN/AOptional to selectOptional to select
Sub GroupN/AOptional to selectOptional to select
Simpro SearchN/AType 3 letters to beginType 3 letters to begin
Search ResultsN/AClick to Select resultClick to Select result
Part NoOptionalN/AN/A
Unit of MeasureRequiredN/AN/A
Unit CostOptionalN/AN/A
Markup %OptionalN/AN/A
Unit PriceOptionalN/AN/A
Style OptionsOptionalOptionalOptional
  1. Click Create
    If additional Parts and Labour are required, click Create & Add More Parts

More information on Measurement Types can be found in the following articles:

Adding Parts and Labour to a Measurement

When a Count, Length or Area is created on a Plan, additional Parts and Labour can be quantified at the same time. Parts can be added when the Measurement is created or after.

📝 Please note:

Adding additional Parts and Labour into Measurements will be sent to a Simpro Quote as individual line items. They will not create a Pre-Build (e.g. the same as when you add a Take-off Template to a Cost Center within Simpro).

Supporting References

Support References relate directly to elements on the Plan and can be used in conjunction with an Excel-type Formula to calculate Parts and Labour for Once-off Items, Simpro Catalogue and Pre-Builds. Each Formula must contain a Supported Reference/s to be accepted.

Formula follows the PMDAS Rule: Parentheses (brackets) first followed by multiplication, division, addition, then subtraction. Calculations are prioritised within the brackets.

For example:

How Length Support References correspond to a Plan:

More detailed information about Formulas with examples are provided in our article Using Formulas in Groundplan here.

Adding Parts on Measurement Creation

  1. Create Measurement and click Create & Add More Parts


  1. Click +Part, select Measurement Part Type and complete Formula if required
  2. (If required) Click Edit and rename Measurement
    Renaming the Measurement remains in Groundplan only

Items within the same Measurement can be assigned to different unique Cost Centers inside the Stage before pushing a Quote to Simpro
(e.g. A downlight rough-in Pre-Build can be assigned to a Rough-in Cost Center, while a downlight fit-off Pre-Build can be assigned to a Fit-off Cost Center).



Important notes:

Within Groundplan

  • You cannot move additional Parts to another Stage before being sent to Simpro
  • An Identical Simpro item in a Stage cannot be assigned to multiple Cost Centers, e.g. 100mm DWV cannot have a portion assigned to the Sewer Cost Center and another portion assigned to the Stormwater Cost Center.

Once into Simpro

  • In the Simpro Quote, you can move the Cost Centres into the same Section
    (e.g. Section of Lighting, Cost Centres of Level 1, Level 2)
  • When merging Cost Centers in Simpro Quotes, any items (of the same part number and name) that appear in both Cost Centers will not group. Contact Simpro Helpdesk for more information regarding this.
  • When pushing to a Service Quote, if multiple Stages are set to the same Cost Center, these will push to Simpro as one Cost Center. Any items (of the same part number and name) that appear in both Cost Centers will not Group.

Adding Labour on Measurement Creation

Multiple Labour lines can be assigned to a single Measurement. These Labour lines are then given a Simpro Labour Rate before pushing the Quote through to Simpro.

Each Groundplan Labour line created will appear as a separate line in the Simpro Quote, even if the Labour Rate is the same. Each Labour line can only be assigned to one Labour type when pushed to a Simpro Quote. If Multiple types of Labour are to be assigned, please use unique names so they appear as separate line items (e.g. Labour, Labour 1, Labour 2).

If Cost and Sell Price are left Blank when adding Labour to the Measurement, they will populate with Simpro Labour Rates in the Quote and pick up any customer rates set in the customer card.


If the Cost and Sell Price is Populated when adding Labour to the Measurement, the Cost / Sell prices added in Groundplan will override the Simpro Labour Rate in the Quote. You must set a Labour Rate on the Simpro tab within Groundplan to send it to the Quote; even with this set, it will still be overridden.


If any assistance is required when adding Groundplan Labour within a Measurement, please click Help > Send us a Message, and our Support Team can assist.

Additional Items and Labour

On the Worksheet tab, Additional Items and Labour can be added to individual Stages. These are items not usually populated on the Plan and not accounted for in Pre-Builds or Measurements but required in the Quote Section in Simpro.

If Revisions are part of your workflow, add them within Groundplan so they don't need to be added within Simpro after every Revision. Examples include but are not limited to sundries, travel or equipment hire, and extra contractor hire.

Adding Labour as an Additional Item follows the same rules as when adding it to a Measurement.

Additional Items
Choose from Groundplan Once-off Items, Simpro Catalogue or Pre-Builds.


Frequently Asked Questions

I have used the same Pre-Build under multiple Groundplan Measurements in the same Stage. Why can I only see it once on the Simpro Tab?

They have Grouped together. The same Simpro Catalogue or Pre-Build item appearing under multiple Measurements in the same Stage will Group together on the Simpro Tab and combine totals when pushing to a Quote.

For example, using a Pre-Build without the fitting type under two different Measurements in the same Stage will Group together, combining the totals:


I have added a new Group to my Pre-Builds in Simpro. Why can't I find it when I am searching?

Your Pre-Build Groups need to be re-synced in Groundplan. Re-syncing must be completed by an Administrator of the Account.

Complete the steps below:

  1. Click Simpro link
  2. Click Setup
  3. Click Integrations then click Manage on the Simpro tile
  4. Click Refresh Wheel on Pre-Builds Groups


If I use a Groundplan Once-off Item and a Pre-build together, can I see both when I create a supplier quote?

Yes, provided your Groundplan Once-off Item has the Inventory Item box checked. Selecting Inventory Item will create a Catalogue item in Simpro. This item will appear on supplier quotes, purchase orders made from within a Job, and under the Stock required tab in jobs.


If I update my pricing in Simpro, will this update my Quote Pricing?


You will see the new pricing when you push to a New or Existing Quote.

Why is my renamed Pre-Build not pushing through to Simpro?

Renaming measurements on Groundplan will not send the updated name to Simpro.

These names will only appear in Groundplan on the Stage, Worksheet, Quantities, Take-off Templates and on the Legend.

Can I create Pre-Builds within Groundplan?


Pre-builds must be built in Simpro.

Why isn't my Catalogue item / Pre-Build appearing in a search?

There are a few things to check here.

  • Is only "Show favourites" ticked?

  • Do you have a "Group" selected?

  • Please contact Support at Help > Send us a Message for further assistance.

Why does Simpro pricing not show in Groundplan?

Due to the complex nature of Simpro pricing tiers, we do not show pricing for Catalogue items or Pre-Builds within Groundplan Projects. Prices are displayed once the Project has been pushed to a Simpro Quote, where the pricing tiers will be applied.

My customer has changed the fitting type. Can I change the catalogue item / pre-build linked to a measurement?

Yes. You can swap out the incorrect item for the new item.

  1. From the Worksheet Tab, click the Measurement name
  2. Click Part Actions and click Delete


  1. Click +Part and select Simpro Catalogue or Simpro Pre-Build


  1. Select Group and Subgroup if desired and begin the search by entering three letters
  2. Click to select the item and click Save
  3. (optional) Click Edit to rename the Measurement then click Save


How can I send the same Catalogue item / Pre-Build to different Cost Centers in the same Section?

You must create another Catalogue / Pre-Build within Simpro to do this.

Catalogue / Pre-Build items used in Groundplan connect to Simpro with a "Catalogue / Pre-Build ID". If you require more than one Cost Centre for a Pre-Build / Catalogue item to appear under, create additional so you can set the correct Cost Centres.

I use Service Quotes. Can I still use Stages in Groundplan?


You can still use Stages within Groundplan to segregate your work and allow for viewing ease when using the Legend Tool. Service Quotes do not have Sections in Simpro, so the Stages will only show in Groundplan. Counts, Lengths and Areas will go through to a Service Quote grouped by Cost Center.

If you have multiple Stages in Groundplan with a single Simpro Cost Center assigned, all Measurements will appear in that single Cost Center in the Simpro Quote.

If required, you can have multiple Cost Centres in Service Quotes. You will need to select the correct Cost Center for each item on the Grounplan Simpro Tab before pushing to a Quote to Simpro.

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