Using Take-Off Templates
  • 01 May 2020
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Using Take-Off Templates

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This article will guide you on how to create new stages with them and how to apply them to existing stages

Applying a Take-off Template to a new Stage

1. When inside a plan, click the Add Stage button.
2. Give the stage a name
3. Select your take-off template
4. Then select the parts that you want to add
5. ...and click Create.


The new stage will be added and with it, your template items.


Applying a Take-off Template to an existing Stage

  1. Click the Actions button across the stage name;
  2. Then clickApply Template.
  3. Select your take-off template;
  4. Then select the parts that you want to add;
  5. ...and click Apply Template.



To delete any measurements that you don't need on a stage:

Click the small arrow next to the name of the measurement and click Delete.


Take-off Templates Item Selector

When you are adding a Take-off Template to your stage we will always give you the option to choose which items you would like to import from the list. To de-select any items simply un-tick the tick box next to the measurement name.


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