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The Worksheet page collates all measurements across the project and displays them grouped by stage. You can change the stage tables' view to show measurement totals by plan or by build total.

After opening a project, click the Worksheet tab.

GP Worksheet [v7x]

By default, the Worksheet will show totals by stage only.

Add new measurement (Item and Labour)

You can also add measurements from the Worksheet by clicking the +Measurement button.

This will allow you to have the new measurement available on any plan linked to this stage.

GP Worksheet -v7x- Add Measurement

Additional Items

To add additional items that you don't want to be measured on a plan, click the +Additional Item button.

This is especially useful if you need parts in the project that won’t be measured on the available pans.

GP Worksheet -v7x- Additional Item

Additional Labour

The +Additional Labour button is a quick and easy way to add labour to a stage.

GP Worksheet -v7x- Additional Labour

Give the labour a description, cost, markup and quantity and save.

Add additional parts & labour to existing measurements

Click on the Measurement name.
GP Worksheet -v7x- Additional pandL to Measurements

Add parts to the measurement

  1. Click the +Part button;
  2. Fill out the parts form;

In the formula field, you can add excel style formulas for every measurement type ("len" for length, "area" for area, etc.). For each downlight counted (in this case 4), 10m of cable is allocated, so our formula is count*10 = 40.

  1. Click the Save button.

GP Worksheet -v7x- Add parts to msmt

Add labour to the measurement

  1. Click the +Labour button;
  2. Fill out the parts form;

In the "Formula" field, you can create your Excel-style formulas to allocate the amount of labour against the count, length, or area. In this example, Count * 0.33 is allowing 20 minutes of Labour for each downlight counted.

  1. Click the Save button.

GP Worksheet -v7x- Add labour to msmt


To merge additional parts (such as cable, clips, etc.) and Labour to a group on the Quantities page, you need to ensure the part number, description, UOM, and cost are all identical, including capitals, spacing, and spelling at the time of creation.

Show Build Totals

To show build totals click Options and tick Show Build Totals. All parts connected to each measurement will be listed under it along with their quantities.

GP Worksheet [v7x] Show Build Totals

Show Totals by Plans

By clicking Options and ticking Show Totals by Plan you will see all plans, where the part is added. They will get listed under the measurement and you can click on these plans to view them.

GP Worksheet_v7x_Show Totals by Plans

You can only have either Show Build Totals or Show Totals by Plan, never both.

Show Additional Items

Showing the Additional Items is also another option in the viewing list.

GP Worksheet [v7x] Show Additional Items

Video Tutorial

You can also watch the video tutorial here:


Q: Can you download the Worksheet Tab into a CSV file?

A: Not currently.

Q: Is there are way to print the Worksheet as a PDF instead?

A: Yes. To do this, press CTRL or ⌘ + P on your keyboard. On the dialog box that will pop-up on your browser, make sure that the Destination is set to Save as PDF. Explore the other settings which will fit your preferences, then click the Save button to download the Worksheet.

What's showing on your page is what will be printed as well.

If you enable one of the options like Show totals by plan, it will also reflect your saved PDF file.

Q: Can you create a takeoff template from the worksheet tab?

A: Yes. On the stage, click the Actions menu, then click Copy to a new template.
GP Takeoff Template [v7x] Save from Worksheet

Q: When reviewing the Worksheet page, can I open the relevant plan to a measurement rather than sifting through the plans to open the right one linked to the worksheet you are reviewing?

A: Yes. When you select Show Totals by Plan in the Worksheet options, you can see the total per plan and navigate through the plan if required.
GP Worksheet [v7x] Show Build Totals

Q: What should I do if some of the images on my Worksheet are not showing?

A1: Please clear your browser cache.
Here's a guide for how to clear cache for each popular browser:
Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari (macOS), Edge (Microsoft).

A2: If it is still not working...
Please contact us, and let us know the Project name and the stage and measurement/s where the symbol is not showing.

Q: I got so many stages added. How can I find a stage without having to click the next or previous button and scroll to search?

A: You can use the Jump To Stage to immediately go to the stage you want to view without having to scroll or use the Next button.

Q: Is it possible to view all my stages without having to scroll or use the previous and next buttons?

A: The default number of stages displayed per page is set to 5. Depending on the number of stages you have, you can increase the number of stages that can be shown on the page. Click the per page button and select from 1 - 20.
GP Worksheet - Per Page Button

Q: The stages are linked together in all the plans, however, I want to add a multiplier to the quantities on a particular plan. Is this possible?

A: Yes. You can set a multiplier on specific plans from the Worksheet tab through the Stages’ Actions.

  1. Click Actions across the Stage name and select Edit;
  2. In the Edit Stage pop-up screen, tick the box Set multiplier on each plan to view the plans linked to the stage;
  3. Across each plan is a text box where you can enter the multiplier value;
  4. Make sure to hit the Save button afterwards.

GP Worksheet [v7x] Set multiplier to each plan

An asterisk next to multiplying number ( eg. x2*) indicates that plans link to that stage have different multipliers per plan.
GP Worksheet - Multiplier

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