The Worksheet page collates all measurements across the Project and displays them grouped by Stage. You can also manipulate the Stage tables to show detailed total aggregations, add additional items and add new measurements.

After opening a Project, click the "Worksheet" tab

By default, the Worksheet will show totals by Stage only.

To show build totals click "Options" and tick "Show Build Totals".

You can also show Totals by Plan by clicking "Options" and ticking "Show Totals by Plan".

Please note that you can only have either "Show Build Totals" or "Show Totals by Plan", never both.

To add Additional Items that you don't want measured on a Plan, click "+Additional Item".

This is specially useful if you need Parts in the Project that are cannot be measured on the available Plans.

You can also add Measurements from the Worksheet by clicking the "+Measurement" button.

This will allow you to have the Measurement available on any Plan linked to this Stage.

The '+Additional Labour' button is a quick and easy way to add labour. 

Give the labour a description, cost and mark up.

You can also watch the video tutorial here:

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