The Quantities page is a summary of all totals across the Project and the bill of materials. From this page, you can download your measurements as a CSV.

Your quantities are separated by Stages, where each stage gives you a summary of all your parts and labour, as well as the totals.

After opening a Project, click the "Quantities" link

You will see a "Grand Total" section at the bottom of the project Quantities page, which displays your total cost, margin and price for the whole project.

Click the "Options" menu to personalize your view of the Quantities table. You can see all the details from behind each part including Cost price, Margin, Unit of measure, Sell price totals by checking the column that wish to see.

To export your project to Excel, click "Export" then hit "Export as CSV".  

A pop-up screen will then appear and give you the option to select the export format. 

If you would like each item broken down by measurement, simply click the small plus icon on the item.

Then make sure you click the padlock to lock it. This will keep it in this format for the export. If the padlock is open then it will not export this way.

Watch the video tutorial here:

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