Project Sharing allows you to collaborate with other members of your team, or even members of other organisations. 

1. Once in your Project, click the "Project" tab

2. Click the "Sharing" tab on the left menu

To Share the Project, click the person's name on the list on the right

Done! "Nolan" now has access to this project.

Invite someone from outside your organisation.

Groundplan allows you to share your Project with other people that have a Groundplan account, but are not associated with your organisation. This is especially useful if you work with subcontractors.

1. Type the person's exact email address

2. Click on the name

Done! Now your Project is shared and ready to collaborate in real time.


To view projects shared by other fellow users from a different organisation, go to the Projects list page, and click the Swith Account button (on the left side).

A list of organisations where projects are shared with you will appear. Select the organisation by clicking the checkbox before its name and you will then see the project that you can access.

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