We hate to see you go, but if you must, here's how to cancel your trial or subscription.


Go to the "Setup" page

Click "Billing" on the left side menu

Scroll down and click "Cancel Subscription"


Before cancelling, please select the reason for cancellation and optionally consider leaving some feedback. Your thoughts and feedback are highly appreciated by our team as we're always striving to be better.
To confirm & submit, click the "Cancel Subscription" button.

Your subscription will then be flagged for cancellation at the end of your current billing period (since we charge in advance) and there won't be any further charges. The deactivation date will be displayed on your Billing page.


Should you change your mind before the deactivation date, you can clear your pending cancellation by clicking on "Clear Pending Cancellation" button.

Once cancelled, you can re-activate your account at any time by logging in and updating your credit card details. Your data is kept in secure storage for up to 90 days. 

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