This is a short guide to choosing a simPRO company on a project. Make sure you have set up the connection to simPRO first.

 This is only necessary if simPRO is configured for multiple companies.

Default Company

You can select the default simPRO company for your Projects and Takeoff Templates from your "simPRO Integration" page.
Simply go to the "My Account" menu on the top right and click "Setup". Then click "simPRO Enterprise" and select your the "Default Company" from the options form.

New projects

When you create your project you will be asked to choose your relevant company and a default cost centre which can be changed when pushing your quantities into simPRO. 

Existing Projects

You can change the selected simPRO company on an existing Groundplan project. Go to the "Project Overview" page inside a Project, scroll down and click the "EDIT" link next to the "simPRO Integration Settings" title. You can then choose your new company from the drop down list.

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