To be able to send quotes to simPRO Enterprise, you'll need to:

  • Configure your simPRO Integration
  • Connect to simPRO
  • Select the simPRO company to use for your project (Only if simPRO is configured for multiple companies)

Keep in mind that stages in Groundplan will appear as Sections in simPRO when creating Quotes.

Open the Project

Create a new project, or open an existing project and navigate to the simPRO Enterprise page.

Groundplan will create one simPRO Quote Section per Groundplan Stage. In this case, it will create a section called "Lighting" which will contain the "Data Network" cost centre.

You can pick a different cost centre per part as per animation below:

You can also select multiple parts easily by holding left click and dragging the mouse down:

Make sure all parts have a cost centre assigned. You can have multiple cost centres per stage. Any items without a cost centre assigned WILL NOT go into your simPRO quote.

You have two options when pushing the Groundplan project to simPRO. You can either "Push to New Quote" or "Push to an Existing Quote."

Push to New Quote

1. Select your customer or add a new one
2. Add the site or add a new one
3. Choose your quote type. Please note that if you choose "Service", you'll only be able to push one stage, as simPRO service does not support multiple stages.
4. Select your project manager and salesperson (optional)
5. Click "Create" and you will get a simPRO quote number at the bottom of the screen.

Click this number and it will take you to the quote in simPRO.

Push to Existing Quote 

Use this option if you already have a quote set up in simPRO which you wish to update. 

Type the Quote number that you will like to update and click "Update Quote No. XXX". If you already pushed a quote before, this field will be filled automatically.

Please note - When updating a quote, Groundplan will overwrite all sections in the quote that match the Groundplan stage name. This means that if you go into simPRO and make modifications to a section created by Groundplan, then push again, your changes will be overwritten.

If you want to manually add sections to your Quote, give it a name that doesn't match a Groundplan stage name. A suggestion is to give it a prefix like "SIM - Section Name". Then un-tick the "Remove existing sections from Quote" option. This will instruct Groundplan to leave any extra Quote sections alone.

Depending on the workflow, sometimes it is better to create a new quote each time you push to keep a revision history. 

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