You can export your plans, complete with measurements and markups, to a PDF file in a few clicks.

1. Just click on the Save PDF button

2. Choose how you want to download your plan/s.


To select all the plans under a group, check the GROUP (the default group name is "Plans") checkbox on the top of the list (in bold letters). You can also just check the specific plans you would like to download.


Include all stages - will include all stages and measurements you've added to your plan;
Only include selected stages - will let you choose which Stages you want to include in your PDF export.

You can also choose to create one PDF for each plan or have them all in a single file.

3. Click the "Generate Export" button.

4. Click the link. Your file is going to be in a compressed "zip" format.


Nothing's downloaded when you click the download link.

Your browser may be blocking the download. Look for that small download button the right-most side of your address bar. Click it and click the radio button to "Allow Groundplan to download multiple files." and click done.

Downloads are taking a longer than usual.

Groundplan, the exports are not supposed to always run instantly, we have a queuing system to prevent the server from being overloaded. Most of the time, the export runs straight way because the queue is free, but this will depend on how large the project is and how many Groundplan users are exporting plans at the same time. 

In these cases, you can click the "Email when ready" button and the export will be emailed to you when ready.

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