Add a new title block:

  1. Click the Details tab while you are inside a plan 
  2. Click the Setup Title Block button.

From here you can 

  1. Set up a new title block
  2. Use our pre-configured example title block and adjust it. 

Set up a new title block

To start with, add your first block. You can add as many blocks as you like, you are only limited by space and size constraints. 

There are three types of blocks you can add to your plans:

  1. Image Block - This is for adding images like your company logo.
  2. Text Box - This is for adding free text that relates to the plans, like a job description.
  3. Table - This for adding predefined labels and corresponding value, like Revision Number, Date drawn, Customer, etc.

1. Image box

Choose your file from your computer and it will resize to your box size. 


2. Text Box

Type in the text you would like to add to the block. 

3. Table

Add the table's labels and their corresponding values.

Once finished, click the Apply Changes button to see the title block on the plan.


Here’s how this will appear in the plan:


Resizing - Options

Firstly, to adjust the size of the title block, click on the Options button at the top of the title block area

  1. Orientation - This is where you choose what side of the plan you would like the title block on. 
  2. Height - Choose the height of the title block
  3. Border margin - Choose the margin of the border around the plan
  4. Block Padding - This is used to control the amount of space that you have around your images and text inside the block. 
  5. Font Face - Choose your text font.
  6. Text Colour - Select the text colour.
  7. Border Thickness - Thickness around the outside of the plan.
  8. Border Colour - Select the border colour

💡 TIP: If you are adjusting the height, border margin, block padding, or border thickness simply hit the enter button on your keyboard to apply them to your plan.

:bulb: TIP: When changing the orientation, font face, text colour or border colour you will need to click into the "height", "border margin", "block padding" or "border thickness" box then hit the Enter button

Block Size - Weighted vs. Fixed

You can choose whether your blocks are automatically spaced (Weighted) or at a fixed size (Fixed) by using this option on the block.




Save your title block as a favourite so you can use it on future plans


Click the Close button to exit the title block tool. 


Cleaning up the plan

Use the Eraser tool on the plan to delete anything from the original PDF behind your new title block.

Using the same title block on multiple plans

When you are on the title block setup page you will have the option to add a title block from other plans in your project. This panel will show you which plans have a title block already. Click the highlighted plan and the same title block will be applied to the current plan.


If you get an error message like the one below, go back to the block mentioned and adjust the “Width” to suit.

💡 Tip

If you want to delete any of the title block lines once complete;

  1. Press ESC on your keyboard to ensure you are in view mode.
  2. Click on the line you wish to remove.
  3. Press Delete key on your keyboard or the click the Delete button on the top bar.

Watch a step-by-step guide on adding a Title block to your plan here;

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