If you received a revision and want to update your plan in Groundplan, please read below.

Start by uploading the new revision. We recommend uploading the new revisions to a new "Group" so you don't get new and old plans mixed:

Next, find the plan that you wish to replace in that project and click the "revise" button

Once you select the revised plan, you can click the "Rotate Revision"  button in case the plans don't line-up.

Finally, click "Revise Plan" button to complete. The original plan is replaced with the new revision, and the revision is removed from your list.

NOTE: New revisions should have the same dimensions of the "Current" plan.

Warning message when revising a plan

If you get a message "We're unable to automatically fix the orientation for this revision", this means that either the "current" or "revision" plans were uploaded with the first version of our plan importer, so it's not able to use our new "Rotation" tool.

In this case, click "Revise Plan" then go into the plan "Details" tab and rotate the plan until it lines-up with the measurements;

Restoring to previous revision

In cases where you have uploaded or revised the incorrect revision plan, you can "undo" the revision. Just follow the same steps in revising the plan, but this time select the radio button "Restore a prior revision". Find and select the last revision and hit the "Revise Plan" button.

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