What are Take-off templates?

Take-off templates are a way of saving a group of items that you regularly use when measuring/designing plans. They save you from having to manually choose a new count, length or area each time and allow you to keep the same symbols for each measurement. 

Setting up a new take-off Template

Go to Take-Off templates and click "+ Take-Off Template"

Give your template a name and click "create"

Choose your label and measurement type.

Fill in your measurement information as best as possible and click create to finish. 

Add as many measurements as you like to each template.

Using Take-Off Templates

When inside a plan, click "Add Stage"

Give the stage a Name, select your take-off template, and select the parts that you want to add and click "Create"

The new stage will be added and your template items.

You can also apply a Take-Off template to an existing Stage from the actions drop down.

To delete any measurements that you don't need on a stage, click the small arrow next to the name of the measurement and click delete.

Take-off Templates Item Selector

When you are adding a Take-off Template to your stage we will always give you the option to choose which items you would like to import from the list. To de-select any items simply un-tick the tick box next to the measurement name.

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