The ruler tool is a quick easy way measure a distance on your plan and it will also save the measurement to the pdf as a reference. It is only used for reference purposes and will not add measurements to your stages. 

Using the Ruler

To draw the ruler, click on your first point, drag the line and click where you want your ruler to end. While in edit mode, you can add in as many measurements as you need. Click Cancel on the formatting bar to exit the edit mode.

Once the ruler tool is open you will find the tool options at the top of your plan where you can choose the opacity, line width and colour of your measurement. 

Deleting the Ruler

To delete a measurement, you must be in the view mode. To do this click the ruler tool then press Esc on your keyboard. 

There are two ways to delete a ruler once you're in View Mode:

  1. Press CTRL (Windows) or Command (Mac) on your Keyboard and left-click on the ruler;
  2. Put your cursor on top of the drawn ruler until it turns into a hand symbol, click the ruler to select it and press Delete on your keyboard.

💡 TIP: Zoom in on your plan to get an accurate view of the ruler you are going to delete.

Straight Lines

If you like to draw straight lines, hold down the SHIFT KEY and it will lock the line to 15º increments.

Edit the Ruler

To edit your ruler, select the Ruler Tool and exit the edit mode to be able to select the measurement.

The ruler line will become dashed and you can now drag its end to shorten, lengthen or rotate it.

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