Go to https://office.aroflo.com and "Login to Office" using your email address and password.

Contact AroFlo support to enable API access for Groundplan
You must contact AroFlo Support to enable API access on your account.
You can do this by using one of the support channels in your AroFlo help menu and asking to enable API access for the purpose of connecting to Groundplan.

Once API access has been enabled, open the AroFlo API settings page

1. Click on the top right side menu (portrait icon) and click "Site Administration"

2. Click the "Settings" button on the top left menu, then click the "General" button on the left menu and finally click the "AroFlo API" link.

3. You should see a page similar to the screenshot below (illustration only, the values on each field will vary).

4. Click the "Generate API Secret Key" button. A new Secret key will be generated and the "API Secret Key" text box filled;

The "API Secret Key" will only be displayed once, which means you'll have to copy and paste the "API Secret Key" into Groundplan before clicking the "Save API Settings" button. Please don't save just yet and keep this page open.

Sign in to Groundplan

Open a new browser window or tab and login to Groundplan by going to https://my.groundplan.com/ and entering your email and password.

Configure the AroFlo integration in Groundplan

1. Go to the "My Account" menu on the top right and click "Setup"

2. Click the Integrations menu item and click the blue Configure button under AroFlo. If you can't see this menu item, please contact Groundplan support so we can enable it for you.

3. Copy the uEncoded , pEncoded , API Secret Key  and orgEncoded values from the AroFlo API Access Details page into the Groundplan configuration page one by one by switching between the two browser tabs.
Do not click "Connect" just yet,
you'll need to save the API settings in AroFlo first.

4. Go back to the AroFlo page and click the "Save API Settings" button at the very bottom of the page.

5. Now that the API settings are saved and secret key is copied, go to the Groundplan configuration page and click the green "Connect" button..

If all the steps were done correctly, Groundplan will sync your AroFlo data and you'll see something similar to the image below;

If you need any help with setup, please send us a message from the "Help" menu, or email us at [email protected]

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