The grid tool allows you to place grid lines over your plan and is used to align symbols when placing them for design purposes. 

To enable the grid tool:

  1. Open your Plan and Go to the Scale Tab;
  2. Set your Scale; Once the scale is set, the Grid section will appear. 
  3. Enter the width and height of the grid. The default unit of measurement is meter so you can just enter 1  or 1m . Other units of measurements such as feet, inches and centimetre is also acceptable.
  4. Finally, click the Enable Grid button to save your settings.
  5. To hide or edit your Grid size, just click the Hide / Change Grid button.

To move the grid lines on the plan, use your standard pan/zoom options on your mouse. 

Note: Whether the grid is enabled or not, it doesn't get included to your plan's exported document.

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