To export your bill of quantities into AroFlo, you'll need to go into the Groundplan project "Quantities" page, export the AroFlo compatible "csv" file, and then import that file into the AroFlo Quote via the "Bulk Import" AroFlo functionality.

Go to the "Quantities" page of your Groundplan project;

Then click the "Export" menu on the top right;

And either click on "Export as AroFlo CSV Import"  to export the multiplied item values or "Export as AroFlo CSV Import (w/ Assembly Total)" to export the assembly quantities.

Once you have download that file, open your Quote in AroFlo and click the "Bulk Import" button;

You can then select the (csv) file exported from Groundplan and follow the prompts.

You can follow the guide on the AroFlo site for more information on how to import data into a Quote.

Please contact us if you have any issues importing files into AroFlo.

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