After opening the Project and going into a Plan, click the "Scale" tab

If you know the scale (e.g., 1/8" = 1'-0"), you can select from the options available or type it in the Scale text field then select the correct paper size from the list and click the Set Scale button.

If you do not know the scale
, but the drawing includes some distance measurements, click the Measure Scale button to calculate the scale of the drawing.

  1. Click on two points of a known length
  2. Enter the length of the line (with units, e.g. "inch" or "ft")
  3. Check the scale that is computed
  4. Click "Set Scale" to save


If the document contains Sections with different scales, you have the option of creating a "Section". 

Firstly Click "+ Section"

Using your mouse select the section of the Plan, which you want to have a different scale and click "Save"

Set the name and Scale of the new Section and click "Create".

You can define as many Sections as needed.

** Please note Scales can be set in Imperial or metric. If you need any assistance in changing your System of Measurement (Imperial or Metric), please contact us by clicking the Help Button > Send us a Message.

Here's a video tutorial on how you can set the plan scale:

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