Project labels allow you to categorise projects to assist with searching and filtering. You can create and assign custom labels for your projects depending into what group, type or category they fall into. 

Creating Project Labels

  1. First, go to the Setup page, by clicking My Account > Setup.
  2. Click on Project Labels on the left side menu.
  3. Click on +New project-label to create your label.

Enter the name of your project label, and select from the drop-down list of our available colour and then hit Add

You can also arrange the order of the labels by clicking the up and down arrow or just click the "Organise" button on the upper-left side of the list to automatically arrange them in alphabetical order.

Unlike Project Status, you can assign multiple project labels into one project, and when searching for a project, it will display all that matches the selected project labels and status (if there are any set).

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