There are two ways of getting a plan legend inside Groundplan.

  1. When you export any plans, a second page will always be exported with your legend on it. 
  2. You can add a legend to each plan. 

Adding a Legend to your plan

The legend tool can be found when you are inside a plan on the right hand side tool bar.

Click this button and your measurements will appear in the middle of your plan with the relevant symbols. The legend tool options will appear at the top of your plans. They allow you to change the font size, rotate and hide the legend.

Now use your mouse to grab the legend box and place it on the correct area on your plan. You can change the sizing by clicking and dragging the small boxes on the edge of the legend. 

Once you have placed the legend, click the save button.

Please note- The quantities will not show on the legend until it is printed out or saved as a pdf on to your computer. 

You can also watch this video tutorial on how to add the legend on your Plan:

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